Admission Rejected after Pre-Application – Fall 2012

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I am a big fan of yours. I would like to share my experience and ask you some questions. Hope you will help me. I am planning to apply for Food Technology for fall 2012.

I have filled pre-application for same graduate program in few universities (which is present in specific graduate program website). It is a free application in which we have to fill personal details, GRE, TOEFL, GPA. Also we have to write a short SOP about 1000 characters etc., It is only for international students to check the sustainability of original application as original application costs about 100$ which is too costly.

I have GRE score of 800 quants + 370 verbal. There is no minimum GRE requirement mentioned for 1 university. Still i got a mail that i do not meet the requirements. I have GGPA of 8.8/10 and have mentioned 2 publications related to same field. This clearly shows that the universities’ specific programs put a minimum cut-off for scores though they say there is no minimum cut-off.

  • What does this mean? Should i re-write the competitive exams again?
  • Should i re-apply with a different version of SOP in pre-application ?
  • Or should i be satisfied that that particular university does not have vacant seats for food technology program in Fall 2012 and try to remove that university from my list ?

No Minimum GRE

If minimum GRE score isn’t specified, doesn’t mean all the graduate school applications will be accepted.

Its just not you, pretty much every applicant I have come across, thinks GRE score is the only factor considered during Graduate school application.

You have to understand, GRE Score is one among several factors considered for graduate school admission.

Publications are valuable, but did your publications change the food technology industry, did you win awards or it was just one other publications?

Universities look for specif set of students for their program.  You can’t just say “This clearly shows that the universities’ specific programs put a minimum cut-off for scores though they say there is no minimum cut-off.”

Move to different university. There are so many Universities that offer Graduate program in Food technology.


  1. Hi friends, do you know the possible schools in US that offer Masters in Food science or Nutrition without requiring TOEFL or GRE scores? Your help pls. Thanks.

    1. Hey !!!

      First learn that TOEFL is compulsory for international prospective students whose native language is not english ! Regarding GRE, there are few colleges in US. But you need to search uni’s which accept without any GRE. Just search the top unversities list for food sciences, food technology, food science and technology or nutritional sciences in google. Also go through this link.

      There are few which do not accept GRE.

      But my suggestion is that you write GRE because there is a probability to ask about GRE in Visa interview. Also few universities accept low GRE scores so it may be useful to you (if you are not soo confident to score high) !!!
      Best Luck !!! 😀

  2. hey i got admitted in RIt for MS computer science with 14k scholarship but i am assinged 2bridge courses one in c++ n other in automata…what should i do should i look for other university or go for it….

  3. dear friends and members of the fraternity of HSB, I am applying for the MS in Clinical research in University of North Texas health science centre, Fortworth, Texas and Morehouse school of medical science, Atlanta can some body please let me knoe about the reputation of these institutions regarding the same. Your response is highly appreciated.

  4. Hey HSB !!!

    I know that SOP (Statement of Purpose), LOR (Letters of Recommendation), Transcripts, GRE, TOEFL, Resume all together play a role in acceptance of an application. But when 2 candidates who are from 2 diffeent countries have a similar work (research) and have grades in their own country’s grading system does n’t GRE & SOP be the universal factors common for all the prosp. sudents worldwide and which are responsible for filtering ??? 😮

      1. Same area of interest, working on similar technology. Specifically in this case the specialization in which the professor is working. If 2 or more students with same profile, apply for MS / assistantship under same professor, then the one who has an genuine personal statement and higher GRE score will be considered.

  5. Thanks HSB for posting the issue !!!

    That university was Texas University, College Station. One of my top dream universities. Regarding the publications, i got awards but could not mention everything as i had to write 1000 characters or less.

    I will surely try other universities and update my status with HSB & friends !!! 😀

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