Experience – Admission in Top Business Schools in USA at the Age of 40

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Dear All,

I want to share my experience of Admission to one of the Management programs in USA. I have 15 years of work experience in leadership positions in Healthcare in India and moved to USA a year back to Join my wife who is working here.

When I decided to study here, I had lot of apprehensions.

First, age factor.

I am now 40 and was not sure whether I can get admission to top programs and whether I will be considered favorably by the admissions committee?

As my wife has studied here, I had learnt few important things like meeting the faculty and talking to them about my fit for the program etc?

During the discussions, as expected questions were asked about why I want to study now with so much of experience?

I was clear about my goals and I convinced them why I want to study here and how I can be a good fit for the program.

After gauging the pulse of the faculty and getting encouragement, I started working on GMAT, TOEFL and completed both exams with good score.

I had a good GPA and was confidant that I stand a chance to get admission to top programs.

I took my wife’s help in writing essays, as she has studied here and it was quite helpful.

I submitted my applications for 7 schools and got admission to 4 schools.

My top choices were Harvard, Michigan, John Hopkins and Yale.

I got admission from

  • Michigan
  • Yale
  • UNC
  • UM

I was really thrilled with what I got and its really a great experience. I am now ready to start my program in August and it will certainly be a wonderful experience.

B School Admission Tips

After going through the admission process I want to share few things which I really feel will help students who want study here.

  • Be clear about your field of study and select college/universities by doing thorough research.
  • Talk to the faculties or program managers and find out about what they expect from students?
  • Have good GRE/GMAT scores. Its really very important and plays an important role in admission process and be clear with your SOP. Many times student get rejections inspire of good scores because,they fail to write their SOP’s properly. Not aligning your goals well with the program will certainly be a negative factor
  • Prepare thoroughly for the interview and don’t deviate from what you have stated in your CV and interview answers.

If you feel that you have any concern areas like Age, experience, score be sure to strengthen your areas of strength further and try to minimize the disadvantages.

For example, if you have a less score, you can compensate with a good GPA or with work experience etc.

One thing I really want to mention here is that Professors, Faculties here are extremely helpful and very encouraging.

I was bit apprehensive in the beginning and after talking to them now I am more confidant.
If you get admission to more schools and not clear about which one you should choose, make sure you attend all “Admitted student day”.

It will be a wonderful experience as you will interact with faculty, attend a class, interact with current students.

You will get thorough info about the schools, career opportunity after the program, curriculum etc.It will certainly make your decision much easier

Please follow the HSB regularly.

They are doing a great service to student community and you will have clear ideas about the country, education system, school rankings,Visa issues etc.

I am happy to inform you that I have benefited by HSB and thankful to them.

I wish all of you who want to pursue education In USA and you will be greatly benefited by whatever you do.

Thanks HSB and best wishes to you all. (Shekar)


You have admit from very good schools. If you happen to attend UNC, do let me know. I live close to UNC, we could meet in person.


  1. Very nice article…thxs for sharing!!

    It can be source of inspiration for many.

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