USA undergraduate college admission

General Admissions Requirements for US Undergraduate Programs

There are certain requirements that need to be considered by international students when contemplating applying for admission to college and universities in the United States. USA undergraduate college admission They include confirming academic credentials along with testing for academic aptitude and language skills.  Students can be enrolled as first year freshmen or as a transfer student.

  • Academic requirements
  • Standardized testing requirements

Academic Requirements

The academic requirements for international students is that students must have completed secondary school with a superior average in academic subjects. A certificate of completion that enables the student to be admitted to a university in the home country is necessary. Transfer applicants will have completed college level coursework amounting to 60-90 semester hours.

 Standardized testing requirements

Standardized testing requirements are also a part of the admissions process for US schools. All freshmen applicants are usually expected to take one of the two most popular high school standardized tests in America, the ACT and SAT. Both are administered by the Educational Testing Service. Students should take the ACT Assessment and the ACT Writing Test or the SAT Reasoning Test that includes critical reading, mathematics and writing scores.

English Language Proficiency

As proficiency of English is critical to a student’s success at US colleges, most all schools also require language assessment. Students from non-English speaking countries must choose from one of the two most popular English evaluation tools. Applicants will be expected to submit scores for either the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) during the admissions process. Schools will have their own criteria for minimum score requirements.  Some colleges and universities also require an institution-based language test for placement purposes.

After  Acceptance

In addition to Test scores and Academic requirements, submission of official records and transcripts will be necessary. Official academic documents will be needed from secondary schools and from any college or university coursework being transferred. Transcripts must show subjects taken and grades received along with any government certificates earned accompanied by English translations. The aforementioned tests will have a reporting element as part of the registration process.  Test scores can also be requested after the fact if within a certain amount of time. This list should help you know what to expect during the initial part of the admissions process for undergraduate students in the USA.

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  1. shoieb on August 14, 2012 at 4:28 AM

    i already have been to us consulate on community college without those test and got 214b form with two category checked!!
    Now im taking sat i wonder if i can take transfer rather than wasting my 1 year of undrrgraduate in india!!
    Is ut possible for me to do and what are the requurements??

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