Admit With Financial Aid; Bank Balance F-1 Visa?

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Here’s an email from Abhita about required bank balance when university have fully funded her program.

Hello. I am a regular visitor of this blog and find it extremely useful. I have just received my I-20 for admission in the PhD program mentioning financial aid in the form of graduate assistantship as well as tuition waiver. My query is whether will I have to show any other financial statements during the VISA interview?

Abhita, first of all congrats on getting an admit with financial aid.

PhD students tend to get Financial Aid along with admission. If not most students get funded within first semester.

In rare instances, some students after completing 3 years in PhD have lost funding. This can be due to professor failed to get a grant. But, that’s extremely rare.

It’s not required to show bank balance since you already have aid. Typically, a U.S. consulate will not look at the bank balance if you received 100% Fee Waiver + Graduate Assistantship.

But it’s always better to secure a bank statement to show some balance when you leave for the U.S. for other unseen uses in the future. Most likely, though, they will not look at it.

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  1. You need to show the bank statement as there are clause to maintain a GA position for the next session and its renewable based on academic performance. What if in the process you lose the GA.

    You need to show the consular officer a Bank Statement

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