Dude Don’t Be Annoying, Like That Amway Dude

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While you are attending college in USA, you are going to run into students who are trying to make some quick bucks from you.

Its called Amway (or Quixtar).

You could have direct encounter with few Amway dude’s or have heard stories about them.

Even now, I run into those annoying dudes.

I have gotten used to them so much, I can recognize the dude is from Amway, as soon as they start talking.

Relationships Matters

If you want to get someone to do some favor for you, you need to build relationship first.

First comes relationship, then comes trust. Then comes promotion.

You cannot walk to a stranger, since they are also from India (or your country) and start talking as if we knew each other for several years.

Evey time I see them, I’m like Dude don’t be annoying. All you care is to get you to sit in some meeting, then get you to buy and sell  products, so they and someone above their chain can take a cut.

If you are new to USA, just watch out for some stranger trying to strike a conversation about making money.

Fresh, first semester students in USA are prime candidates, when are starving for cash.

Over to You

Have you ever come cross such annoying dudes?




  1. People, easy money is always a pseudo trap and waste of time.
    There is no short cut to money, hard work is only the way.
    And guys who are from Amway, please do not lure your friends into a wrong direction.
    you not only lose respect but you will lose your friends and relatives. It’s very irritating!!!

  2. happens here too…….my college senior whom I had a crush on called me with promises of “a secret about me that I want to share with u” kinda line. I was super-happy, put on my best suit and rushed to the spot. He started off with a similar networking business thingy (eBiz) for an hour that made me feel like crushing my crush. Really. Just desserts you say? Maybe. Might be out of context…but just warning u…..that chick/dude u think u feel smug about coz u think u have hooked him/her in might be actually baiting u for his/her chain 😛

    1. This happened to me too in India in my 4th semester. A cheapskate from Andhra tried to make me join ebiz by putting on a formal show and yapping about how his life would change and what not. Eventually my parents, being careful about online scams, said that thy would never give me money to join ebiz. Till now i’m happy that i never joined ebiz !!!. Even though that yapping AP got back the money he paid for membership, every one who joined under him lost money due to unavailability of followers – multilevel marketing go figure !

  3. This happens in India as well, not just the USA. It is really annoying, as you said.

  4. LMAO !!! It was kind of surprising to come across the story which I felt WONT BE common. The same happened with me. This guys in my university became very friendly and after a while they tried getting me into the Amway stuff. When I refused they stopped talking to me and thats what they do with everyone.

  5. I have come across many such dudes trying to get me attend one of their meetings and If I refuse to attend a meeting, they keep making annoying phone calls requesting me for a short meeting at McDonald’s or other nearby restaurant.

    I have come across many such guys (all Indian’s) especially in Macy’s and Kohl’s trying to enter a conversation and than being so friendly as if they are my childhood friends. Damn,!!!! I know them for just 5 minutes and they make non-sense comments like “you have nice speaks, shirt, hair cut, etc.., you are brilliant, I respect your mom-dad for investing in you, etc…. how did they know my brilliance in 5 minutes. Non sense!!!!!

    They are really very irritating…….

  6. Yes, i came across few who tried to drag me into it… Without hesitation, i simply tell them i’m not interested in such things. Not a healthy business or investment for students and those who started their career fresh. Anyways, i’m a hater of products such like Amway but i wont blame the business. I suggest people to better refrain from it.. Simple.

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