Another Strange RFE on H-1B 2010 Application

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The USCIS issues RFEs (Requests for Evidence) to H-1B visa petitions submitted by consulting companies and by those who are still searching for jobs.

Last week we had an article, a 5 Page RFE on H-1B Application. To add to that, here is another RFE, which would be very difficult to submit answers to.

The Attorney reports about an unreasonable RFE from USCIS:

Submit evidence that clearly substantiates that the petitioner or petitioner’s client’s are legitimate business entities and employers.

Evidence should include copies of the client’s most recent signed Federal Tax Return and quarterly wage reports for the last quarter.

If the clients are publicly traded companies, provide a copy of their most recent annual report and a letter from the president of the company explaining what business they have with the petitioner.

If the client is a government agency, provide the contract number and the name of the company that has the primary contract.


  1. I work for a major IT company. My H1B went to RFE this October and I was asked to submit client related documents. i.e client letter/SOW etc., since my project is related to Banking and things had to be confidential, I was not allowed to share any client documents. Now my petition is withdrawn. Can I re initiate my H1B process??? Does any problem come up now when I re initiate???

    1. Hi Hemanth,
      I also have the same question. Did u got any answer for yours?

  2. I have project PO till oct 2010. But chances of extension of project. In My RFE USCIS asked for if your project is till oct 2010. Why you are asking for 3 years extension and client letter.

    In RFE answer: We sent the client letter. But not get advance PO.

    Can anybody give answer of these questions?

    1) So somebody get approval like this. If dont get advance PO.

    2) I replyed on 29 June 2010 and still wating for approval. How much time it will take now these days to get answer from USCIS for extension case. Its after 3 years extension…

    Thanks in Advance !!!

  3. What can I do if the RFE requested (like job order from client) is not available before the given deadline by USCIS? My employer has filed for my H1B extension but just in time that my project, which has been going on for 2.5 yrs, has ended. We are still on the process of finding a new one when the RFE came in and we were just given 2 weeks to respond to that. Any idea what to do? Is there a chance to still get approved for extension if a lawyer explains my situation and provide a different set of RFE like previous contracts and W2?

    Thank you.

    1. Tentay Leyes,

      I am in the same situation but they gave me 11/2 month to reply. could please tell me what happend to your case?

  4. Here's my story,

    Like most of us, I too got the" 5 page strange RFE" …same ol' story in it…employer info…tax return and some more proof of its existence…heck they also wanted pictures of the building…how pathetic is tht….well tht being said…i sent them all tht….now a mnth later they sent me another RFE….i just got update..but actual RFE will get to lawyer in couple of days….

    Ok I understand one RFE (tht too the strange one) but another one…tht totally shocked me….and cant help myself wondering…wht do they want now?…and how good are my chance now tht i got another RFE ?

    Something like this happened to anyone here? any guidance….any guess….anything?


  5. I received a strange RFE as mentioned in this article. I think they want to verify that the employer is a legitimate business.

    They're asking for all payroll information, tax return, business transactions for the last quarter, and business and professional license, organization chart, softwares used by firm.

    My lawyer thinks they're asking a little too much, but we'll have to

    provide as much info as we can.I work for a CPA firm. Its a small one but has been around for a long time. Anyone in such situation?

    1. Hi Ana,

      What happened to your case? Did you submit all the information and did you get approved? I am in a similar situation as yours and would appreciate your reply. Thanks

      1. Hello Jon,

        Did you get any information on this? Does the INS require all the stated documents. There might be some possibilities in my case where the employer does not have some of the documents. Please reply. Thanks.

      2. Hey Anna & Jon,
        I am currently in the same boat, did you guys get an approval after sending all the information?

  6. Hi,

    I also got strange RFE (I don’t know it may be common but for me it is strange). RFE says for the profile(Sr. Software Engg.) they have applied my H1 does not require masters it can be done with Bachelors ,what is the need of person with the masters?.And now my employer is not proceeding with this one.
    If any body has answers how to respond then pls help.

    1. you have staff (Jr. engineers) under you to handle correct? if that's the case, then your qualifications must exceed theirs.

    2. i must say, your lawyer did not put enough effort on your application. he should have mentioned the importance of hiring a masters degree holder for the position. if you are indeed handling staff, then elaborate your scope of work as a team and your role as the leader. you do the program design flow for the jr. engineers, you integrate their programs so that it works as a whole, etc. – something like that.

  7. This is the first time for me to write a comment here. I am very happy to find this blog. I got lots of info which I wanted to much!! Thank you!

    I finally got an approval and need to make an appointment for interview.

    Now I am thinking to ask me attorney who help me out with my visa so far.

    She said she would charge $1,000 total.

    Do you think it is decent? I am not sure what is the range for that kind of work.

    Will you let me know if you know how much it would cost for the last stage to get a visa?


    1. It's not worth spending $1000 to get help for H1B Visa stamping. All the required info is available in this blog and also online.

    2. 1000$ is very reasonable.. I think you should pay her some extra as you got approval. By the way you are in US or you applied as regular cap.. please reply

      1. soolate,

        I applied as regular cap. Is $1,000 reasonable??

        Not sure… But I feel it's worth now because I did not have to worry about preparing. And it was worth timewise.

        Anyway, I was surprised how much money to get visa for whole process, though.

  8. just want to know how much time does it take for uscis to reply after response for rfe concerning tarp, if any one know please ,thaks

      1. thanks for ur reply. but u mean 14 working days oe calender days?as i replied since 26 may and nothing till now, thanks

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