Are You Planning to Apply for H-1B Visa 2011 [Poll]

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During last year’s H-1B visa processing, the USCIS was issuing lots of RFEs on H-1B visa petitions and the New H-1B Memo made things a lot tougher.

Most likely, consulting companies will not apply for H-1B visa 2011. However, there are many IT workers who are still not aware of the job market in the US and have high hopes of getting H-1B visa during FY 2011.

We have created a new poll to see what your plans are.

  • Are you planning to apply for H-1B visa this 2011 season? [H-1B Visa 2011 – What to Expect?]
  • After posting this poll, we realized that options can be tweaked a bit, so we are creating a new poll.

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