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Murali Bashyam

Immigration Attorney. Selected as Best Lawyers in America 2009 – 2014. Happy Schools Recommended.
3737 Benson Drive,
Raleigh NC 27609

Practice Areas

  • H-1B Visa
  • H-4 Visa
  • H-4 EAD
  • F-1 Visa
  • CPT and OPT
  • Green Card
  • RFE Response

Sample Questions Answered by Attorney Murali Bashyam

Question: I received a STEM RFE asking employment history. I did unpaid internship for one month. I received support have documents for employer . Is that fine to submit USCIS. Attached the letter for unpaid internship document. Please suggest me if any required for that reply to USCIS.
Question: I have completed my MS. My company recently applied for my H1B visa under premium category, with advanced degree cap. I just got a receipt number.

1. How soon can I change companies? Anytime after Oct 1? Or is there a safe way to do this even before Oct 1? I am under consular processing and OPT right now.
2. When will my H1B start? As soon as I get it stamped? Or Oct 1 if stamped before Oct 1? And what if I get it stamped in December?
3. Is it legally possible to do PhD in parallel to my job while on H1B? How about if I work only part time on H1B to accommodate my academic needs?

Currently on H1B. Received I-140 certification. My wife got her H4-EAD. My manager has reviewed her qualifications and sees her fit for the contract position and is ready to hire her. Does my wife working in the same company as mine (using her H4-EAD) in any remote way AFFECT my approved i-140 or in future AFFECT my H1B records or my future immigration prospects ?
My initial OPT was expired on Feb 8th 2016, STEM OPT got denied. So I enrolled back in a school where classes held on every Saturday. How far it is safe to work on CPT for 40 hrs/week from 1st Semester, my previous employer filed H1b , does the CPT effects H1B processing? I heard that if a F1 student works on CPT till Oct while the H1b got approved, sometimes USCIS may ask to leave the US and return back with H1B Visa, is this correct?


The first reply I got from him was more in a general sense. But, I was looking for a specific answer hence I re-clarified with him. Murali replied again clarifying the specific questions and I’m really satisfied with his reply and I have already thanked him for that. (Ashray Kulageri)
There is only little or no credible information related to my case on web. Mr.Murali has understood my current situation and he answered multiple questions related to my case which I didn’t expect. I’m extremely happy with his answers and the way he clearly explained the issues. (Vadanaparthi Srikanth)


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Yes, but on on case by case basis. For instance, someone was travelling to India the next day and wanted consultation before departure. Another student was going out of status by the end of the week. Under such instance, he was able to call them the same day.

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