Automobile Engineering: US or Germany?

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I want to do Masters in Automobiles and I can’t find much programs or Universities. Can u suggest me the top universities world wide in Automobile sector and the programs they are offering? If possible the deadlines as well.  I am confused between US and Germany. Please Clarify.

Automobile Engineering – USA or Germany?

You will not find many Universities offering a Automobile/Automotive Engineering program in US. But yes there are some German Universities offering relevant programs.

For good number of options in hand, you can apply to both US and German Universities.

Germany as a location is definitely advised for automotive students considering your future prospects. Go here to learn about Studying in Germany for International Students.

Here is your list of US Universities offering relevant programs:

For Germany you can consider:

  • EsslingenUniversity
  • RWTH Aachen
  • University Ravensburg
  • Weingarten University

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  1. Do you know anything about MSc Automobile/Automotive Engineering in UK? I have an option between USA,UK and Germany. I don’t find much information about UK Masters(because one yr master looks wierd) and student life in UK?

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