Average GMAT Scores – European Business Schools

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Average GMAT Scores for some of the top European Business Schools.  Here is link to Average GMAT Scores for Universities in USA.

Average GMAT Scores – Europe

Following table lists average GMAT Scores for some of the Top Business Schools in Europe.

Business SchoolAverage GMAT
London Business School697
Oxford University: Said685
IESE Business School672
SDA Bocconi650
HEC Paris690
IE Business School670
Cranfield School of Management680
University of Cambridge: Judge690
RSM Erasmus640
Warwick Business School610
Imperial College Business School660
Manchester Business School623
Copenhagen Business School610
EDHEC Business School617
Cass Business School650

Many students want to do MBA right after completing Bachelors degree and without work experience. I’m completely against doing MBA without work experience. Business School courses are based on real word practice examples and case studies. Whne you don’t have real world experience, you cannot associate the concepts from the books.

You are essentially wasting money and time by doing MBA without work experience. If you are planning to do MBA in Europe, above table lists Average GMAT scores required for admission. Select your target school and work to get above Average GMAT scores required for admission.


  1. thanks u, thanks to ur post, i could know what i should prepare and how to do.

    1. All of the B-schools require work – ex. Trust me they won’t even look at you application with less than 2-3 yrs of work ex. Plus they also look for more than just work ex (extra curricular s, leadership qualities , Non – profit work , business related work , etc. )

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