The Best 373 Colleges 2011 – Book Review

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Yesterday we discussed about Fiske Guide to Colleges 2011. Today lets look at The Best 373 Colleges 2011 by Princeton Review is a comprehensive college guide written for any student or parent who are confused college admissions process.

Best 373 Colleges 2011 published by  experts at The Princeton Review, provides the facts about the best colleges in USA, popular college rankings, and the information needed to make a smart decision about which schools to consider.

Revealing answers from college students cover each school’s unique character and give you extensive insight into their classes, financial aid, social life, and everything in between. Students are the experts, after all, and this books was compiled after talking with 122,000 of them!

The Best 373 Colleges List

  • Unique “Financial Aid Rating” scores for all 373 schools and list of 100 “Best Value” Colleges
  • One-of-a-kind college rankings reveal the top colleges in 62 categories based on how students at the schools–the real experts! –rated their colleges. The ranking lists include:
    • Top Professors
    • Best Financial Aid
    • Best Career/Job Placement Services
    • Best Classroom Experiences
    • Top Party Schools
    • Dorms Like Palaces
    • Best Athletic Facilities
    • Best Campus Food
    • Most Politically Active Students
    • Most Liberal Students
    • Most Conservative Students
    • Best College Newspaper
  • Learn what you can do in high school to prepare yourself for admission to a selective college
  • Get all the application essentials–tuition, admissions criteria, deadlines, phone numbers, addresses, demographics, student/faculty ratios, and most popular majors–for quick reference and easy comparison when you’re narrowing down your choices
  • Green college ratings help readers find out if schools are environmentally friendly
  • Special section on great colleges for the 15 most popular majors

Top 10 Best Career Services

  1. Northeastern University
  2. Pennsylvania State University – University Park
  3. Yale University
  4. University of Florida
  5. Barnard College
  6. Bentley University
  7. Claremont McKenna College
  8. Sweet Briar College
  9. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  10. The University of Texas at Austin

Top 10 Dorms Like Palaces

  1. Bryn Mawr College
  2. Smith College
  3. Loyola University Maryland
  4. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
  5. Bennington College
  6. Bowdoin College
  7. Washington University in St. Louis
  8. Claremont McKenna College
  9. Scripps College
  10. The George Washington University

Comment from a parent –

The proof is in the pudding: of the many college guides out there, my daughter spent more time with this book (when she was looking at colleges a few years ago) than with any other. This book is not the first place to start the college search, but once your son or daughter has narrowed down his/her colleges of choice, and assuming those colleges are featured in the “best 373”, this book clearly is the best resource, the last step before a campus visit, and can be used again following the campus visits. I’ve looked at a lot of college-search books and if I was forced to recommend only one book among all the college search guides, this book is clearly it.

The Best 373 Colleges 2011 (Amazon)  is similar to last year’s edition. After holding the number of best colleges at 371 last year, this time there are 2 new best colleges: Austin College and the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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