Best Practices for Recruiting Indian Students #NAFSA12

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I’m going to attend 1 hour session on Best Practices for Recruiting and Working with Indian Students here in #NAFSA12 Conference.

This session explores the unique characteristics of the Indian student market, focusing on tactical and strategic approaches for working with Indian students in a manner that will yield greatest success. Learn about the impact of student preferences on your recruitment strategy and how to analyze the emerging trends.

I’m really looking forward for to attend this session.

Schools have different perspective towards use of Admission Agents.

After having conversation with admission directors with various schools over past few days, I have gained greater understanding to why schools use agents and why some schools don’t use them.

Some schools think that’s the only way to recruit students in “Hot Indian” market.

What schools don’t realize is that how agents operate.

We have discussed previously about Admission agents in the following articles


As HSB readers you have first hand experience about agents in India. I would appreciate if you can share your experience about working with agents.





  1. kindly name the consulting agencies as well, as to which are good and which are not! some of the counselling agencies are: jamboree, ims, dilip oaks,princeton review ( manya abroad), globalizer,etc…but the main concern is are they really good?

  2. Hey HSB !

    In my opinion the Admmision Agents prove to be very much useful for the Admission Procedure along with the guidance for the Formalities.
    They are very much needed since,
    taking example of mine,I have studied in India for the last 15 years which includes the Primary along with the Secondary Education.
    Thus, always being involved in the Education System of India, not I but every one of us is unaware of the Education System in abroad which includes each and every aspect including the Admission Procedure and the Formalities.
    Hence, I consider them a very helpful boon for us.
    I like them.

    Thanking You

    Munish Sharma(INDIA)

  3. So , can any one tell me as to how to do research on universities and which key points are to be considered while selecting the universities in germany and uk

  4. Just visited a agency that helps for the visa processing. Though i was reluctant to go my father persuaded me. Have to tell you there’s nothing that they had to tell apart from what is already available on your blog or any other site on the net for that case. Waste of time and waste of money.

  5. Hello HSB,
    I’m a regular follower of this blog. I have a question “Is 70% marks necessary in B.Tech to take an admission in MS in Canada?” I scored 59.44% marks in my B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics) and scored 7 bands in IELTS and want to take an admission in MS (VLSI) in Canadian University. But, all the consultant i met said you can’t apply for Universities instead you should go for PG Diploma in Wireless Information Networking. I really need your help. Should I go for PG Diploma? What about the scope of Wireless Information Networking in Canada? Your answer will change my life as I have no one in Canada to ask this Question. Please help. I will be highly obliged.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Nikhil Singh

  6. Agents always tell only positive side of the university/organization and they will try to hide the negatives side.
    So if we want to know only the positives then they are good to approach.

  7. Hey HSB,

    I went to few agents for consultancy and they said for helping out with US universities, I have to pay them and they were charging me very high. However, there was no fees for consultation on Australian and UK universities. When asked why, they said, “UK and Australian universities pay them commission for every student who get through” but US universities do pay them at all.

    No I am really not sure at that point of time whether advice given by them will be right or wrong because they may look into money aspect and give wrong advice too. Recently, there were many fraud cases and one of them came into NZ media wherein a university turns out to be fraud or something and students invested too much of money.

    To summarize, I do my own research and universities themselves help in that research, online sources are far better than relying on Agents.

    1. US university donot* pay them at all.

      Now* I was not sure whether advice given by them will be right or wrong.

      Sorry pointing out typos.

  8. An overseas consultant group had come to my college along with a Professor of some New Zealand University. The Professor talked for an hour about global warming related issues. Then the consultants started to give a presentation about their group. They said that they do not charge anything for their guidance on studying in that University as they revealed that they had a tie up with that University. Both the consultants and the Professor looked genuine to me.

    1. I thought it was a nice way to attract students by bringing Professors of the college where they teach to talk about the cutting edge technology they are developing. (Although we always want to hear about expenses!)

  9. not a very good experience.. the univ suggested by them are in far flung areas and they charge an exorbitant amt of money as well.

    Many agents just dupe the innocent students. If some student follow the procedures i dont think there is any need of such agents at all.

  10. Hi HSB,

    I had enrolled with one of the famous consultancy for GRE coaching aswell as admission counselling.
    GRE coachig was ok – after attending I felt I could have learnt better myself and I needed more practise.
    Admission counselling was good , they gave an entire list of universities for MS in computer science – Top , Good , fair ,average .I had to pick them based on my scores and profile.
    SOP reviewing was done quite well , and they repsond well for any quiries and visa consultation is also good.
    It was not spoon feeding , I had to do my part aswell
    All in all it was ok, and the fees was also nominal compared to other agencies.

    P.S Had I known about HSB before enrolling into this agency, I guess wouldn’t have enrolled as lots of information is available in the blog itself

    1. Also they never promised about admissions , they had mentioned initially that admssions depends on one’s scores and profile.
      I even applied to other universities which was not mentinoned by the consultancy and they did not object me ,infact they encouraged me to apply

  11. Hate them truly and completely. Its not worth the money. Moreover you get a lot better information and guidelines from several online sources than these agents provide.

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