The Best Time to Graduate from Masters Degree?

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Question from Ava on what would be best time to graduate from Masters degree.

I am a F1 student in USA. I am expected to graduate this Dec and after reading your blog I understood that I would have only 3 months to find a company to sponsor my H1B.
Did I understand correct?

PS: this blog is very informative and keep up the good work.

Right Time to Graduate

Finding job after graduating from university with Masters degree for foreign students in F1 visa can be tricky sometimes.

Read STEM OPT Rules to understand the official rules about 90 days and 120 days unemployment period.

By now you should have a good knowledge about job search process, time required to find a job.

Complex job search process in 5 simple steps given an overview about things you should be doing now to get job in December.

  • 90 days form OPT start date to find a job.
  • If unemployed after 90 days, you will be out of status.
  • Volunteer internship in your field of specialization will help too.

If you don’t have to find a job during crunch time, then start preparing for job search right now.

So, the best time would when you are ready to find a job, know how job search process work, have your network built. If you plan to start job search only after graduation, then its doesn’t matter when you graduate right?


  1. This blog says nothing about the best time to graduate from Universities.

      1. Thanks HSB,
        Can you please resolve my one query. I heard rumors that Fall end (Dec-Jan) is not the main recruiting session. So for those who graduate at the end of Fall, it is relatively more difficult to find a job than who complete at the end of Spring. Is it true?

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