BMW vs H1B Visa : Guess Who Wins?

What happens if there is a race between BMW and H1B Visa? Guess who wins?

There is a race of different kind but its related to H1B Visa and BMW Cars.

This is one of the article that was created a buzz and lots of comments few years back.

You know how to increase your odds of  getting selected in H1B random lottery. One of the ways is Multiple H1B Visa applications. But, read the comment from Raju.

Comment from Raju

I think all the people in US don’t want the people in India to come to the US and make our dreams come through.

I know that people in the US are rich. When my friends or relatives come to India, I see how much money they have.

They shop in expensive places and buy houses in India like crazy.

Working in India it is impossible to build a future for oneself.

They drive big cars like camry, bmw etc which I cannot dream of driving here.

While you guys are vacationing in Disneyland and Hollywood driving your big cars and living in big houses with big TV and everything, I am struggling here. I am being practical, if you guys cannot understand the gift god has given you by being in the US, it is not my problem.

Here is a short summary of  Raju”s other comments

  • I want to be Rich – I’m applying for H1B Visa
  • I’m submitting for 5 H1B Visa Petitions, Am I being STUPID?
  • I sold my property to Apply for H1B Visa
  • I want to Drive Camry; I’m applying for H1B Visa

What do you think?  Do you think agree with Raju? Would you do something like Raju to go to USA?

While you are thinking about what to reply, enjoy this BWM commercial. One more reason to buy BMW.