Case Pending in 221(g) : Just 3 days Left to Reach the University

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Question from Priya.

I applied to Florida State University for MS Nutritional Science.

My visa got approved on August 11th 2011 but was not sanctioned as I did my graduation in Biochemistry which is a subject that comes under the list of subjects to be verified and rechecked under section 221(g) of Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).
The last date mentioned on I-20 is 28/08/2011 after which the entry in US shall be denied and admission stands cancelled. Its already 24th August and still my case is lying pending under administrative checking.

I have no clue where is my fault in all this and whom shall I contact under the present circumstances?
The university authorities have clearly stated that the first day of attendance at FSU is compulsory , failing to attend the classes shall automatically cancel the admission. Can you please suggest me what should I do?

221(g) Processing and University Start Date

Can you do anything about 221(g) processing?

Unfortunately the answers is No.

Is that you fault?

If you read the F1 Visa interview experiences, you will know that several students received 221(g) while applying for Biotech, Biology, Chemistry, etc.So, there is nothing you could have done.

What Options do you have?

Not much, other than to wait for the results. You are thinking about  missing Fall semester admission, US consulate is thinking about background check and other information you provided during DS160 and interview.

If you get visa later than class start date, defer your admission to Spring 2012. Unless university would consider giving you special permission to start within 1 extra week or something like that.



  1. Is it true that anyone applying for PhD in Chemistry in USA will receive a 221(g) ? Isn’t there any way out to avoid this?

  2. Who goes for visa interview for Fall 2011 in August? No seriously people should know this by now. I got 221G back in June and it took a long time for clearance.

  3. This is precisely why, one should go for visa processing as soon as one receives I20. That way, one will have sufficient time for unforeseen events like this.

  4.  this is terrible……i hope u will get it in a day……..
    but something is really wrong with the consulates…..

  5. My case is very similar to yours. I had applied for MS in Biotech at Georgetown Univ. My interview was on 9th of August. That day my visa was rejected due to some confusion the visa officer had. The next day I was called for re-interview. So I went on 11th of August and this time I made sure I highlight all the strengths of my profile…. told her I have 9.9 sgpa in the final semester and went through thorough questioning and finally my visa was approved. But later that day through an email from the embassy I was asked to submit some documents by sending their scanned copies. I did that too. I was not aware that mine was a 221(g) case since they never gave me any pink slip after the visa approval. Since My visa did not come on time I contacted the embassy like a million times (not literally). Due to this confusion and unexpected delays I had to postpone my airline tickets 3 times and finally cancel it altogether losing Rs. 30,000 in the process of ticket cancellation. Now yesterday I receive an email from the embassy telling me that the docs requested from me are still pending and now I have to go to the vfs centre to submit them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot tell you how frustrated I felt because they never told me the documents were to be submitted at the vfs whereas they asked me submit via email.  Anyhow even after losing all hope I went there today and submitted my docs. When I saw the lady behind the counter putting all the docs in a 221(g) folder that is when I realize why they are doing so much of processing in my case!!!!!!!!!
    By the way I forget to mention that the last day to reach my university was 21st August which has passed by but my university officials were kind enough to accommodate my delay and have asked me to reach by 7th sept. But due to administrative processing I won’t be able to get my passport till september end!.  I have read on many forums online that applicants’ cases get stuck months or even years. So I’ve left all hope of going to the states this year.

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