Choice of University Today, Changes Your Life Tomorrow

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If you are in the process of deciding which graduate school to attend, this article will give you some valuable insights.

Because how you decide today will impact your career, life, and everything else in your life tomorrow. I’ll highlight the reasons why it is important to select the right university.

By now most students should have got admissions and are in the process of deciding which university to attend. And don’t make the common mistakes most students typically make.

Mistakes like…

  1. You might have applied for around 4 colleges without much research or background information. If you received  admission from 2 universities, don’t eliminate the other 2 universities from your list.
  2. You’ll never know that one of those 2 other universities might have very good funding opportunities or might lead to a better job in the future.
  3. Always try to find what is the policy of the university for allowing students to apply for internship for international students. For example, at UT Arlington, you can work as intern for 2 semesters under CPT.
  4. There should be no conditions like you must be enrolled in thesis track or your internship work must be part of your thesis.
    Some universities like NCSU allows internship only if your thesis work is similar to your internship.
  5. Kansas State will not allow students to do internship during Fall and Spring semesters, so students can work as interns only during Summer. There are some universities that don’t allow internship for students under CPT at all.
  6. So make sure you look into all possible combinations of your choice of university will fit to your needs.

I have put together a list of questions on how to select universities in the USA, which every student should ask about each university before making decisions.


  1. Hi I have a question. Normally it is said that a CPT cannot last longer than 12 months, otherwise I wuold be losing my OPT that I would get from my masters. But what If i needed a 15 month CPT rather than 12 month?
    For example if my cpt expires in july 2009, but my H1B starts in october 2009, can I simply take 3 extra months of CPT? I won’t care that I won’t get an OPT after my masters.

    Does anyone have any answers to that?

  2. Hi….i was very relieved to see ur 12 step decision making tool….it worked very well…atleast for me….

    But i still had a doubt for choosing my univ….

    I’ve to choose between UTA, SMU(Southern Methodist Univ-dallas) and Polytechnic University- NY

    UTA is good for VLSI, embedded and to an extent for TeleCom too….this is according to a student presently studying at UTA
    SMU is good n reputed for its TeleComm….
    POLYTECHNIC is good for wireless……

    now i have deleted poly for quite many reasons….
    N m confused between SMU and UTA… I m more interested in Telecomm and VLSI follows it. Now based on ur 12 step strategy, UTA wins….but i still somehow feel like giving a second thot to SMU,maybe coz it has tie-ups with nokia, ericsson, etc …
    Life at UTA is very hard….

    what do i do???? there are many more points, but it wud be nice if i cud chat with u once…..

  3. I agree a lot about CPT. I currently got a CPT from a college in the midwest. It was a hassle finding a college that allows you to do that. On the negative side however, it is expensive 🙁

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