Insights into Life in America – Classes, Privacy and Professionalism

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Varun shard the following experience while we’re talking about Indian Student’s Outlook Towards Lifestyle – Modern vs Orthodox.

Comments shred by him is 100% true and that’s what you will experience while in USA.

American LifeStyle

Tradional outlook sounds bit funny. Well, here in the US one can see peak of professionalism.

None of the schools or instructors have anything to do with someone’s personal life.

I am in the USA and I am going to school. No one cares about your personal life.

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They cannot even disclose your grades to your parents without your authorization.

Reason, they see you as responsible adults in college. It’s not high school.

College Life

College life in the US is independent and free but beware its not fun stuff like bunking classes or chatting with friends all day or anything you might have seen while studying in India.

It’s absolutely not like Kabhi Kabhi Aditi song movie or anything like Wake up Sid. Lol… US schools could be far beyond your imagination of you expect stuff like this.

It’s real professionalism over here.

You come to class, take notes, submit assignments, learn or ask about your subject.

That’s the only relation between a professor and a student. You not gonna have same classmates every semester. It’s such a difference experience.

Personal Life

Everyone has their own business to worry about. Mind it, US people or Americans DO NOT INTERFARE OR LIKE TO BE INTERFARED WITH PERSONAL LIVES.

They can be good friends with time and you can share alot of things when you become real friendly with them but often they feel offended if you expect things like we expect here in India from friends.

You gonna see best friends splitting bills, people paying for ride, people inviting you on their birthday and then in the end you would be asked to pay for yourself.

People here in the US would expect you to call then before you come to their place and not disturb them without any reason.

Yes they party too and you gonna be shocked with a lot of things which would be new to any Indians.

Indians living in metros are definitely closer to understanding about US.

I guess the work environment and global exposure in Metros like Mumbai or New Delhi makes people aware of such things but people from small towns or villages are still having the traditional outlook.

Share Your Views

What is your view on Americna Lifestyle? Do you agree with Varun?

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  1. Thanks Raghu for sharing my experience. I must say it is very delightful to see my experience being shared with the readers. I hope it helps you all. It is wonderful to study in the US. Please be very serious about your grades.

  2. Ya dats realytrue abt us lyf. no1 has time for others and busy in minding their own business

  3. Hi Varun,

    Thanks a lot for the information. Great to hear such a good professionalism and reality about different classmates in different classes there.

  4. Hi Varun,

    Hope you’re doing well!

    And seems like you’ve got some good exposure about the US culture. Out of my curiosity I would like to know from which part are you from India? I mean are you from Metros…??

    And I would like to tell you here not all the invited parties need to be paid or not all the rides need to be paid too. It depends on frequency of rides and occasions of parties. Majorly it depends on to what extent your f’ship is matters alot!

    Students need to understand few things here that not all Indian students prefer to hang around parties in US. Domestic parties which are conducted by close Indian circle friends ill not be charged in most of the cases. Rides and drives will be shared in cases of outings etc.

    And finally Not only people from Indian Metros ill understand things in US. An individual with common sense can understand these small things in short time in US.

    These are all BOUNCERS to only few individuals who never expects these kind of stuff in US!!!

    Overall nice share end of day… Thanks Varun!!!


  5. Yes, I do side with Varun. I thought of it sometime back and it dawned on me that the developed world interfere less (it at all) with peoples’ lives while in the developing worlds such as Asia and Africa, people make it a point of duty to nose into other peoples’ bussinesses. It sulks a great deal. I did my M.Sc in Nigeria and my supervisor was always fond of nosing into my business in and out of the school environment. Infact, I had problems with him based on my pivacy and he transferred the whole aggresions to my school work. The good news is that that challenge brought me to the USA for my PhD and it’s good. I observed a gulf of knowledge, applications and teachings here as compared to where I came in from. I prefer the life in the USA to the developing world. People pay their bills here irrespective of the person who invited you. Yes, but Why? simply because the American people hate been indebted to anyone or have their actions influenced by a paltry favour which they can afford on their own. Besides, it’s an environemnt for the matured minds – solely for the matured minds; Unless one might get carried away and be carried by the tidal waves of the fun and challenges. Besides, the average American is his or her brother’s keeper. They watch out for the security of themselves (and for their own good too) and that is why you can see a corp querry you if you storm a locality and wander aimlessly simply because someone had called the corps even if the person never felt threatened by your presence (but someone else might have been or could be). Generally, theAmerican environment is optimum for the prepared minds willings to utilize and optimize the chance that comes their way. In otherwords, “chance favours the prepared mind” – (if you are prepared) in America.

  6. Wow. Paying in invited Birthday Parties is quite new for me. Anyway It’s good to learn now. Realy an Useful Stuff for beginners, who are yet to start from India. Thanks HSB !!!!

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