College Tuition Fee Keeps Increasing due to US Financial Crisis

Raghuram Sukumar Study in USA 15 Comments

Hi friends, I am Srinivas writing to share some important info about college tuition fee hike due to the financial crisis in US.

All the universities have raised the tuition fee to support the states economic status.

So all of  you who are new applicants just keep in mind before applying to the universities about the fee.

My senior who went recently is struggling with the hike in college tuition fee. He didn’t notice this until he reached the university campus. So plan accordingly for the fall 2012 applications. If anyone know any info please share.

College Tuition fee increase

Current students in Us who have compete few semester and those who have graduate will have run into similar college tuition fee increase.

For instance, you will pay $5000 for 9 credits during first semester and 4th semester you college tuition fee could be around $7000 for same 9 credits.

If you happen to get financial Aid or Assistantship, then in-state fees will save you with fee increase.

If you are playing out-of-state tuition fee, then its will struggle to pay increased college tuition fee. Increase in tuition fee impact every student in the college. As an international student when exchange rate is so high, plan your expenses considering possibility of increased college tuition fee before you graduate.


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  2. i heard that these days students are not getting scholarships….is that true?

  3. so are the univ still gonnna give the tuition waivers what they were giving earlier ????????

  4. Well I never understand mind set of this finance guys…..When there is receession you are supposed to lower the cost cause people can’t afford. plus it will also increase number of students who wish to career change or want to stay more time in school. this way it will increase the total fees collected.

  5. Yes, I see a small hike of 50 dollars per course in Wichita State university.

    1. But anyway there will be other fees and administration charges that will not be approximated until we reach there. The Universities also says that the exact fee can be determined only at the time of registration. I wonder how students seeking education loan gets the check/draft from bank before they depart to US.

      1. Calculate the approximate amount and add $500 to $1000 in DD. Pay the fees with DD. Extra money will be refunded to you (as check). You can deposit that in your bank account.

        1. @HSB

          I had plans to apply for fall ’11 but it somehow didn’t get realised for some personal reasons. Right now, I have a job but I feel higher education is what I really want. So one basic question – In this global economic scenario, is it really a good idea to go for an MS?

          1. Yes absolutely, now more than ever. Because companies will hire the people with the best educational background, and you can’t do anything without going to grad school these days.

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