10 Steps to Find Graduate School Admission Requirements

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Follow the simple steps listed below to determine admission requirements for any graduate school,  master’s or PhD degree programs in the U.S.

It only takes less than 40 seconds to find admission information into the M.S. in mechanical engineering program at University of California at Riverside.

Here’s one question sent by Maziar:

My GRE and TOEFL iBT scores are 1,300 and 93, respectively. I have GPA of 2.45/4 in BsC mechanical engineering. Moreover, I have 2 papers (being processed) and 2 patents plus 3 research projects.

Please tell me how much are my chances to be admitted in MsC programs in US universities, such as Riverside (California) with financial aid? Please respond to me accurately.

Average GRE Score – Mechanical Engineering

It took less than 43 seconds to find the required GRE score to get financial aid and admission requirements for the school’s master’s in mechanical engineering.

  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) general test scores are required for all applicants. The minimal GRE score required to be admitted is 1,100. This 1,100 minimum score is derived by taking the sum of the verbal and quantitative scores. A minimum score of 1,200 is required to be a teaching assistant; however, the pool is competitive and generally students scoring significantly above this range are the ones selected as teaching assistants.
  • Students from non-English speaking countries must also have a minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper based), 213 (computer based), and 80 (internet based).

Graduate School Admission Requirements

The complete admission requirements are typically be listed in 2 places within a university website.

  • Graduate School Admission (universality wide)
  • Department Website (specific to the program)

In the above case for M.S. in mechanical engineering, this will not take more than 30 seconds to determine.

  1. Copy Riverside (California) from your question. No need to waste a few seconds by typing
  2. Google Search – Riverside (California)
  3. Select Admission from Home Page Top Navigation
  4. Graduate Students
  5. Graduate Programs at UCR
  6. Firefox – Control + F – type Mech
  7. Click on Mechanical Engineering
  8. Prospective Students from Mechanical Engineering Home Page
  9. Prospective Graduate Students
  10. Admission Requirements

The steps listed above are what you should find when searching for graduate school admission requirements for almost any university in the U.S. The University of California, Riverside has a website designed based on students in mind.

So it was very easy to determine the requirements within a very short time. Although this obviously will not be the case with all the American university websites, but knowing the common website navigation structure followed by most US university websites and use it to your advantage.


  1. hi i have 2.75/4 GPA, V 145, Q 161 , 3 YRS Experience as civil engineer, willing to apply for construction management major…..any suitable colleges accepting me…with some assistance in funding or work study or assistantship?

  2. Hi,
    I am M Sc in Biochemistry and have scored 1370 in GRE (v-660, q-710). I have 60% in M Sc. I have a 9 month research experience and currently working at IISc. I wish to do PhD. what are the chances of me getting PhD admission in any of the following univ:
    Ohio State Univ
    Univ of florida
    Baylor college of medicine, houston
    Univ of kansas
    univ of miami
    Univ of Maryland, Baltimore.

    Friends, pls help/suggest!

  3. hi, my gre score is 1110(750q,360v), 60% in b-tech, jntu,hyderabad. In which of the following universities can i get admission for ms program in computer science.



    3.UT Arlington


    5.Kent state university

    6.George mason university

    7.UC santa cruz

    8.College of william and mary

    9.uUC riverside, UC northridge.

  4. Can i still apply for Jan session if i give my gre and toefl in sept?this is the list of documents to be included in application packet.But can you please help me out whether a domestic student(Green card holder) will have to submit same set of documents?

    1. Graduate School Application (Online or Paper)

    2. If submitting Application Online, send confirmation page

    3. Application Fee ( if paying by check or draft)

    4. Letters of Recommendation

    5. Statement of Purpose

    6. Resume [ Resume – India vs US ]

    7. Bank Statement

    8. Financial Affidavit

    9. Transcripts

    ? How to Get Transcripts from University

    10. First and Last Page of your Passport

    11. Copy of GRE and TOEFL Score Report

    ? How to Forward GRE and TOEFL Test Scores

    12. Extra Curricular Certificates

    13. Portfolio (if any)

    14. Abstract of your research paper and projects

    15. Index Page of Documents

    [How to Mail Graduate School Application Packet]

    Looking forward to an early reply.thanks

  5. hi.. i have just finished my post graduation in biotechnlogy in anand,GUJARAT. i want pursue for masters in US and then for Ph.D.. so i am little confused whether to gor GRE or not.. and also i need a list of some universities where i can apply.. please help me out in this..

  6. for those who responded…please respond to ONLY REALLY IMPORTANT AND MEANINGFUL questions…i think its a waste of time both for you and for those who read it, if people do not still know how to GOOGLE something, its questionable whether their achievements are REAL…thank you…

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