Cracking the SAT 2011

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Best Sat Test Prep book

Cracking teh SAT 2011

I spoke to couple of high schools student preparing for college admission and they strongly recommended Cracking the SAT from Princeton Review and its is one of the best SAT prep books. I took a dive to see what makes  Cracking the SAT the Best SAT Test Prep book?

Cracking the SAT – Book review

  1. Part 1 – Orientation
  2. Part 2 – How to Crack the Critical Reading Section
  3. Part 3 – How to Crack the SAT Math
  4. Part 4 – How to Crack the Writing Section
  5. Part 5 – Taking the SAT
  6. Part 6 – Answers to Key Practice Drills
  7. Part 7 – SAT Practice Test and Explanations (4 Practice tests)

Cracking SAT book – Overview

Cracking the SAT 2011 includes

  1. Access to 5 full-length practice tests—4 in the book and 1 online
  2. Practice questions with detailed explanations
  3. “Hit Parade” of most frequently asked SAT vocabulary words
  4. How to tackle and ace the essays
  5. What, when, where, and how of the SAT
  6. SAT strategies, test prep tips and myths
  7. Planning and organization tips for SAT test prep

This book doesn’t include DVD, but comes with 1 online practice test. Also, code in the book has expiry date to take the practice test.  Books comes in paperback and ebook format ( free download in Kindle)

SAT Test Takers Review

This book is by far the best tool for SAT preparation. It teaches very useful tactics and presents a complete vocabulary list, which provides 99% of the hard words in SAT tests.

Best 2 SAT Test Prep books

After reviewing several SAT Test Prep books, here is top 2 SAT test prep books

  1. Official SAT study Guide
  2. Cracking the SAT 2011

Always official Test prep books will be good to get the feel for practice questions, but to learn strategies, you have to go with other books like Cracking the SAT 2011.

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