Depositing Demand Draft ( USD )/ Travelers Check

Raghuram Sukumar Personal Finance 2 Comments

After you open the bank account, you can deposit the Demand Draft into your bank account and it will usually take 5-10 days to get credited into the account. If it takes more than that, you can give the bank a call and find out why its getting delayed.

If you were wondering what will I do without dollars for 10 days. Its no big deal. You wont be spending that much in few days. Usually, seniors will be there to help. Just get it from them and write a check to them later, if at all you need more cash than $400.

Banks will give Debit Card ( ATM Card ) and usually ATM will be located near( or within) the campus.


  1. TC are the same too. It equal to cash. It will be available immediately to use. But I would still prefer DD over TC's and TC's are good for smaller amount ( say less than $500)

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