Are You Desperate to Study in USA?

Raghuram Sukumar GRE 3 Comments


Lately, I have been evaluating many profiles in the past one month who were from different backgrounds.

Even If they have scored a bit low in the standardized tests, there desperation hasn’t declined even an inch, that is very good aspect. As these are part of the admission process since the admission is not entirely based on these but you have to consider other’s such as SOP and LOR.

They post in various MS groups for the profile evaluation and type below (please don’t say to retake).

They don’t have intention to retake test’s due to some factors it can be their confidence level, financial, no dates for booking etc. Suggesting univ’s is trivial point for others as they give a general perspective to you.

But they have to understand that it can be a problem during VISA.

Try following this schedule

Now a days everyone has a desire to board a flight and land in USA. That’s only the prospect majority of the people are considering.  Every year nearly 6 lakh students are opting for higher studies in foreign countries.

My Suggestion

Try to have a broader view regarding the education and the challenges that you will be facing in USA.

Don’t restrict yourself until How to get  VISA. Talk with seniors regarding the internships and program that can help you to fetch job after you done with the masters. If you are approaching consultancy don’t just go away with the list of univ’s that they give you.

What I consider is coming to USA for higher education isn’t so easy. Don’t get carried away by the wonderful image which others present to you.

Lastly, Don’t let your desperation degrade your dreams but keep on augmenting it.

How do you look desperation, is it a positive or negative for a you.


  1. Ya.. HSB I completely agree with ur advice.. My GRE score is just 315(153V + 162Q), but I’m aiming for MS-CS admit in a Top-20 Univ.. Should I retake the test or is it good enough considering GRE point of view?

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