This is How You Develop Entrepreneurial and Creativity Skills Like Steve Jobs

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I have a 3 year old son. I’m always looking for ways to make him better.

I kept searching for the best answer to bring-up a my son with Entrepreneur skills and ways to improve his creativity.

Entrepreneurs skills that I have developed as part of blogging is from my efforts. I didn’t have anyone teach me how to be an Entrepreneur.

It would have been wonderful to have a mentor to teach and expose me to Entrepreneurial side of things. That wasn’t the case.

After searching for 3 years, I found the best possible answer to my question.

How to develop and foster Entrepreneurial and Creativity Skills with kids.

I want to share the information and knowledge with my readers.

How to develop creativity skills?

Watch this video. It’s best advice one can get on how to help kids and adults develop Entrepreneurial skills.


What do you think now?

This 2 minutes short video essentially changed my view on how to develop my son’s creativity and Entrepreneurial skills.

I didn’t have exposure about entrepreneurship back in India. But, watching people around me, attending meetups and following entrepreneurs, I was able to develop some some skills.

So, I did have Entrepreneur DNA and environment, exposure here in U.S.A. did help me to develop and expose those skills.

Why Not Be An Entrepreneur Instead?

Use me as your example – Exposure and environment can help you change and develop skills that you might posses, but yet unaware.

Let me know in the comments, if this video changed that way you think about Native Skills (DNA) and role of environment?

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  1. I believe people in India work in a constantly innovation demanding environment on a day to day basis .They consistently make local innovations (Jugaads) in all aspects of life . The more important aspect (esp in India)is to provide these naturally intelligent creative set of people the tool ( of safety : economics or social ) to develop an idea into a company . Angel Investors and media attention is just beginning to grow up in this sector . hopefully social stigmas associated will vanish soon as well !Nice ending of the video ! cheers

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