Dharun Ravi – 10 Years in Prison and Deportation?

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Are you following the Case Dharun Ravi vs Clementi Trials?

Jury found Dharun Ravi  – former Rutgers University (age 20), who spied on his roommate Tyler Clementi via webcam, guilty of invasion of privacy, bias intimidation (a hate crime), and tampering with evidence.

  • Ravi faces up to 10 years in prison.
  • Plus deportation to India

Dharun Ravi was born in India and moved with his parents to Plainsboro, N.J.

Case Background

  • Dharun Ravi set up a webcam on his computer, and had then gone into a friend’s room and viewed Mr. Clementi kissing a man he met a few weeks earlier on a Web site for gay men.
  • He sent Twitter and text messages others to watch when Mr. Clementi invited the man again two nights later.
  • Tyler Clementi, jumped to from the George Washington Bridge three days after the webcam viewing and died
  • Ravi then deleted messages from Twitter after Mr. Clementi killed himself.

We have no way to know what was in Tyler Clementi’s was thinking when he jumped off the George Washington Bridge.

  • Should a Dharunb Ravi go to prison for 10 years for that?
  • Should he be deported from the country?

The judge has those options in sentencing.

Ravi’s spying on Clementi’s bedroom encounter was shameful and invasive, but he didn’t push Clementi off of that bridge.


Why I decided to write this blog post on Dharun Ravi?

Readers of this blog are International Students in USA (or Prospective International students) and majority of you guys from India.

When moving to New Country like USA, culture, laws and rules are different.

Things like Privacy, Hate Crime and tampering with evidence could get you into serious trouble.

You have to take things seriously.

Don’t do things that can get you into trouble.


  1. Coming out is a big deal for homosexuals, and outing them is nobody’s business. What this guy did was wrong and he should be punished. Homosexuality is a very sensitive issue and we as Indians are completely ignorant. Its not a hormonal imbalance, it’s not genetic, it is normal!!

    Gay men in India do not have the courage to come out of the closet.
    Homosexuality is normal people, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s about time we learn this an stop giving homosexuals a hard time

  2. he cannot be deported. he is US citizen. His parents immigrated to US when he was very small and he is US citizen.

  3. After World War 2, many cowardly Germans who tried disguising themselves and continuing on as if life was normal, failed as some clever people put “Nazi Collaborator/Sympathiser” in their permanent records. (The movie ‘Inglourious Basterds’ went 1 step better by carving the swastika into their foreheads 🙂 )
    This Dharun character shouldn’t be deported or sent to jail, but something like “Voyeur” should be put in his file with an explanation of “Unsuitable in any professional capacity due to a lack of basic ethics and cannot possibly be trusted with any sort of company secrets due to a perverse fascination with webcams”.

  4. I think,every action has consequences…what ravi did is wrong he went aganist a person ethics, he also made a person to lose his life all this was done in according with curiosity but it was accident….i say instead of giving 10+years to life its better give 8 to 16 months counselling to him n avoid deportation…..i hav seen family in india struggle hard for a square meal among this the parents send his eldest son or daughter to higher studies accross nations so that tey could set example to their younger brother or a few aspirants in nation….but doing this kind of immoral act costed the nation its pride,n also it further the parents has to face the problem back home or if not parents maybe the family will…so plz to all hsb friends i request u all “please think before u break a pearl once broken it cannot be mended back so is life,intergrity and honour”give it a thought u really wanna repeat this or be on safe side of bride its all left to us…..
    P.S-i knw i mite hav made few mistake in nooks and corner but try to get i wanted to say to all….also tank u for spending ur precious tym on this comment…

  5. I do not sympathize with Ravi but my viewpoint in all these cases is different.

    I think that the justice system only tries to find a scapegoat in all matters. Wouldn’t things be different if Clementi hadn’t jumped off that bridge?

    My point is that in both the scenarios (when Clementi does and doesn’t die) Ravi’s actions and motivations remain the same. (we wouldn’t have wanted the guy to commit suicide)

    I’m not saying Ravi was right or that he shouldn’t be punished but that punishment should be based on actions and motives not on the uncontrollable consequences.

  6. what Ravi did is a shameful deed, the enforcement agencies had done their job of what their law systems are dictating them. The job is to study & enrich themselves, digressing from the assigned task will let the individual to suffer for ever. Unraveling the tails will lead to these sort of mysteries , & ultimately it is a lesson to all big boss guys.

    Advice: Go & study, abide the rules of the nation, stand clear when you are under threat in any means but don’t take advantage over any one.

  7. Interfering in other’s privacy is bad. Doesnt matter if it is in US or anywhere else in the world. He wouldnt have expected the guy will die. It would have been an offence even in India but here, maybe he could have had his way with a less severe punishment I believe. and the severity of the punishment is the difference I see between USA and India.

    Anyway, thanks for HSB. People are arguing that you shouldnt have posted this but this will make many students aware that even some playful little things can get serious and get us into trouble and to stay away from it.

  8. Dharun Ravi made a mistake. Homosexuality is genetic and homosexuals do feel frustrated when they’re treated different than others. Yes, Dharun Ravi has broken the law, and if it takes 10 years imprisonment according to American law, it is completely fine. Don’t support him just because he’s an Indian. He’s not gonna give his BMW to you in exchange of it. GALAT CHEEZ KA MATLAB KABHI SAHI NAHI HO SAKTA, GALATI GALATIHI HOTI HAI, SAZA MILNI HI CHAHIYE.

  9. HSB is trying to tell us people how not to get screwed there , whats wrong with it , it has nothing to do with anybody’s privacy or Homosexuality.

  10. I dont understand how posting this topic in HSB has helped any student?

    1. Privacy is BIG and important in USA. Things you do with your friends back in India (fooling around) can get you into trouble in USA.

    1. Its not private any more. He got the lesson & we are trying to. Its upto you what you wanna have in the long run …. MS/PhD degree or 10 years of jail & deportation. 😉 Best of luck for your decision.!!

    2. hey pal,u knw wat we all humans in fight go down with one another n never show our back to problems…..all i say is god is with u accept the mistake start new again…..its better to forgive than forgiven plz remember that….

  11. yes,it is humanity less thing.why to post to others.it is a psycho attitude.He harmed two young people lives.The sensitive one is already died.What the crime in gay sex if it is crime then participation in sex with opposite sex also crime as this happens due to uncontrollable before marriage and gay sex may be due to hormonal imbalance.If court opposes this issue based on morals,culture,country etc.,then it must take severe action on celebrities who are enjoying and encouraging dating also.

    1. Homosexuality is NOT due to a hormonal imbalance; to gay people it IS normal!!! I realize you are trying to be sensitive to the issue, but PLEASE!!!!! You’re right! He DID cause harm to two people’s lives and he should be punished. The ten years in prison are appropriate, but I am not sure whether deportation is the answer in this case. We must realize that this is a ground breaking case, and that they had to set a precedent.

  12. I have not been following the case very closely.But people interfering in other people’s privacy are very cheap and should be severly punished.

  13. “Ravi’s spying on Clementi’s bedroom encounter was shameful and invasive, but he didn’t push Clementi off of that bridge.” Ans: I am not an attorney but his actions pushed Clementi off the bridge. It’s a cause-effect relationship. If Ravi hadn’t done what he did, Clementi wouldn’t have jumped.

  14. You dont know about same sex, why it is bad? If it can be changed, no govt would have legalised it.

  15. He should have changed the room if he did not like and also privacy is definitely important to all humans. But, when Government spy on a individual they are not punished, but when a individual does, it is called a crime.

    First of all allowing same sex is bad, instead of defining rules and policies for them they could have taken steps to change such physiological behaviors and having such one sided privacy rules, is also bad.

    The mistake is with “Policy and Law making” !

    1. No! The mistake is with the individual who broke privacy rules. We are not in a morale class room this time, but Ravi had no right whatsoever to spy on him. Leave sentiments out of this

    2. Do you even know why gay people are the way they are? You should first improve your awareness on them and then comment here!

  16. Yes, this is a serious offense and this kind of cheap mentality deserve severe punishment no matter which country you are from.

  17. Hey,

    I have been following up the case for quite a few months now. From whatever I have read Dharun comes across as a highly immature, arrogant kid ( he was 18 and drove a BMW) who was proud of his rich patronage. Having said that, even though my heart still goes out for Clementi I am unsure if the verdict is 100% just. Just because he is a jerk of a guy which is common amongst some kids that age (I guess), not sure absolutely sure if the bias intimidation charge was abs necessary. Would things be different if Clementi were caught kissing a girl?

    Anwyays, as an international student who would be flying this fall, this case definitely serves as a warning as to how important privacy is viewed by Americans.
    Just my two cents…

      1. An interesting comment! Not only does the United States have a different culture and laws, it has regional laws and cultures. Might the same verdict been handed out in Mississippi or Alabama, your guess is as good as mine. In addition to homosexuals, women are extremely powerful politically in the United States. Abusive language, unwanted touching, etc., can be a serious violation of the law in the United States. Driving intoxicated is another serious violation of state law. Before coming to the United States as a student, one should study the laws of the state in which they plan on studying. Money and prestige back home may mean absolutely nothing in the United States, even if the family can provide an excellent attorney! Remember however you believe about homosexuality or the conduct of women, alcohol or drugs; laws in your nation may be totally different than in the United States. This unfortunate incident may never have occurred, if Dharun had been aware of how serious his illegal actions were in the United States.

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