Difference Between College vs University

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Guest Post by Dr. Ward Deutschman from Dowling College.

In my role as Director of International Student and Scholar Services for Dowling College I have the pleasure of answering many questions and I thought I could answer some of them here, for you. Dowling is a college in the U. S. and we are located about 50 KM East of New York City, offering many undergraduate and graduate programs. For details see www.Dowling.edu.

Some of the more interesting questions (and answers) are:

  1. What is the difference between a college and a university?
  2. What is accreditation and what does it mean to me?
  3. How do you choose a college or university?

College vs University

The U. S. has 50 states — political subdivisions — and each state has its own definition of the words “college” and “university.”

In some states the only difference is the name chosen by the school. In other states, the state government is more controlling and there are real differences.

The question for you, is, “how important are the differences between a university and a college for my goals?”

For example, in my state — New York (one of the most restricting state governments) — a University is a college which has at least three (3) different doctoral programs — and at least one PhD program.

What this means TO YOU is that in New York — and in most other states as well, universities are usually larger schools with many more students than most colleges — bigger campuses, larger classes (250 students in one class is not unusual), more emphasis on serious research, so more courses are often taught by graduate students and not Professors.

Most colleges are smaller, many have smaller classes — the largest class Dowling has is 28 students — and usually classes taught by Professors, not grad students. Universities often have many more programs to offer but the tradeoff is the attention YOU get as a student in the school.

In next post – What is accreditation and what does it mean to me?

Dowling College — medium sized college near New York City. Website is www.Dowling.edu, and for International students check out www.dowling.eduInternational. Our classes are small — often less than 20 students, and taught by Professors who care about students. We have many undergraduate programs, and strong Graduate MBA and Masters in Education programs as well as a new undergraduate program in Mathematics (with applications for Bioengineering, Aerospace, and Business), and a new Masters program in Environmental Microbiology. And if you are interested in our college, send a note to [email protected] and let us send you some information.


  1. Hi sir,

    I want to transfer my admission to American college of commerce and technology.
    Is this a good university, please help me regarding this.

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    I had a backlog in my 2-1 and cleared it in 2-2 it self. Now i am looking for Fall admission.My question is now do i need to send all the Transcripts compulsory for university i am applying ? or can i send only one Transcript that contains all my subjects details?

    And One more question do having a backlog will affect on admission in top universities ?????



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  4. Me A Student from india and ihave got admit in regulatory affairs course in U.S.A. I have many doubts regarding this course. How will be the courese?

    After couse completion what are the job opportunities we have?

    Plz any body help me.

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