H1B vs H1B1 Visa Differences

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What is the difference between H1B vs H1B1 Visa?

H1B Visa

  • H1B General Cap –  65,000
  • Masters Cap – 20,000
  • Cap Exempt H1B – No Limit
  • Can apply for Green Card
  • 1 to 3 Year Increments

H1B1 Visa

  • H1B1 – 1400 (Chile)
  • H1B1 – 5400 -(Singapore)
  • Cannot Apply for Green Card
  • 1 Year Increments

H1B1 Visa category was created by the Free Trade Agreements signed by USA with Singapore and Chile back in 2003.

6,800 visas are available each year and 6800 visas are included within available 65,000 H1B Visa.

Unused H1B1 from previous fiscal year will be used for next year H1B Cap.

Dependents of H1B1 visa holders are authorized to live in the United States in H4 and to study, but are not allowed to work.

Qualification – H1B vs H1B1

Same as H1B and applies to H1B1 non-immigrant classification is available to certain professionals who may not possess post-secondary degrees or the equivalent, but who will engage in the profession of Agricultural Managers or Physical Therapists (for Chilean nationals only); or Disaster Relief Claims Adjusters or Management Consultants (for both Chilean and Singaporean nationals).

Unused H1B1 Numbers from 6800 will be counted towards next year H1B Cap.

For example, the 6,100 unused Chile/Singapore H1B1s from FY2010 were added back to the 58,200 regular cap numbers available for FY 2011 to get 64,300 regular H1B cap visas available for FY 2011


  1. Hey Raghu,

    Does the h1b restrictions that trump is bringing affect h1b1 visa holders too?

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