DS-160 : Length of Stay for Students

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On my I20 from FSU, it is given : The student is expected to report to the school no later than  08/27/2012 and complete studies not later than 8/26/2015. the normal length of study is 36 months. my doubt here is the duration of the course is 24 months for MS in Computational Science. What should I answer for my intention of stay.

In my DS160 form I have filled this column as 36 months, is it correct. Should I say 24 months or 36 as in I20.

As my subject is Computational Science how should i go about answering for this.  I am worried about getting 221g.

please treat this as urgent. I want the replies for both my questions please.

DS160 – Length of Stay

I would answer the date mentioned in I-20 which is the Max 0/26/2015.

There is nothing you can do about 221g.

Prepare for the best and hope you don’t get 221g.

Did you se someone going for PhD in Path0biological Science got visa without 221g.



  1. On my I20, the duration was 2 years. I applied for a 2 years visa. I got it for 5. However, it doesn’t matter if you have a visa for 1 year or for 5. You can stay in the US legally as long as you are a full time student, regardless of your visa duration. Only if you travel outside of US with an expired visa, you’ll have to renew it to get in.

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