ETS Personal Potential Index [PPI]

ETS PPI for Students with Low GRE Score and Good Academics

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Following article is written by Venkat Sai (News HSB Contributor).

Here is the solution for the folks who got low scores in GRE, TOEFL and IELTS but having good academics. As it can give a good perspective about your academics in spite of scoring less on standardized test.

ETS Personal Potential Index [PPI]

In the ETS website you have page named as PPI( Personal Profile Index).

The PPI is all about your academic’s excellence similar to recommendation letter but here you will evaluated by 5 Professors.

What actually does PPI comprises is 6 modules which are listed below.

  • Knowledge and creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Planning and organization
  • Ethics and integrity

The questions will be asked based on these 6 modules to the EVALUATORS. There will be 24 statements which they have to respond for a respective candidate.

You have to invite 5 EVALUATORS for evaluating your academic behavior during the undergraduate program.

ETS – PPI – Steps to be followed

First, you have to create an ETS PPI Id by filling out the requirements

Second,  you have choose whether you want to inspect the evaluations or not in  FERPA Inspection Waiver.

Lastly, Add the EVALUATORS and report it to concerned universities which accept the report as well as GRE score card.

You can report to four universities for free if you have registered your GRE exam after May 1,2009. Additional reports can be sent for $20 each. If you haven’t registered or not taken GRE then you have to pay 20$ per report.


  1. I have a few queries about this
    1. Can people who give us recommendation be evaluators?
    2. can number of evaluators be 3?
    3. Will the scores be known to us before sending it to the universities or is it going to be confidential?

    1. Answers to your queries
      1 Yes, the evaluators can be the profs who gave you recommendations
      2 It will be best if u manage to get 5 evaluators.
      3 It depends upon the option you choose. If u want your reports to be confidential you can choose I waive the right to access the evaluations.

  2. yes.. PPI is a very nice way of improving your profile & admission chances. it is optional now. but i strong think the grad committee of most univs. will make this mandatory within a year or two. so a word to all the aspirants out there, plz. start having good relations with profs & company boss who are going to give you good feedback for PPI !! good luck !

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