prodigy finance student loan refinance experience review with chandu

Here’s My Experience with Refinancing Student Loan with Prodigy Finance [Video]

I spoke with Chandu; he recently refinanced his student loan with Prodigy Finance.

  • His student loan interest rate from India = 13%
  • The interest rate with Prodigy Finance After Refinance = 8%

In this interview, he explains his end to end experience with student loan refinance with Prodigy Finance and how he was able to pay off the student loan from India.

After you watch Chandu’s interview, you can watch the interview I did with Claire from Prodigy Finance. She did a complete review of prodigy finance international student loan refinance application process.


Are you interested in saving money by lowering your student loan interest rate?

Interview Notes:

  • What is Chandu Doing in the USA after this Masters Degree
  • Where is he working?
  • Prodigy Refinance Timeline – 45 Days (Delay due to vacation)
  • Loan approval Time – Less than seven days
  • Loan Rate for Student Loan
  • Loan Rate offered by Prodigy Finance
  • Total Savings by Refinancing the student loan with Prodigy Finance
  • Expected Savings for Chandu due to student loan refinance with Prodigy Finance
    • Interest Rate Savings
    • Money transfer loss due to exchange rate
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty with Prodigy Finance
  • Incred Financials in India gave a counteroffer
  • Why making the monthly payment for the loan in India was tough (or delayed)
  • They tried to slow down the refinance process by not giving the pay off details
  • Prodigy Finance Loan Refinance Process
    • Apply Online
    • Dedicated relationship Manager
    • The process is 100% Online
    • Upload Documents online
    • Get Provisional Approval After the Online Application
    • Contact the Bank in India for payoff details
  • Once the student refinance loan is approved, Prodigy Finance will pay the Bank in your home country
  • Pay Prodigy Finance loan with Mobile app
  • Duration of the new loan after refinancing of international student loan
  • The online application just took 15 minutes to complete to get the initial offer
  • Once the pay off details are given to Prodigy Finance, they will talk to the bank directly to make the payoff.

There are referrals link in this article, and we may get a small fee if you refinance with Prodigy Finance without no additional cost to you. 


Are you interested in saving money by lowering your student loan interest rate?


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