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Raghuram Sukumar F1 Visa Interview Experiences 13 Comments

> Following post was shared by Daisy Sampaul.

This is Daisy from Bangalore.I attended Interview on june 13th 2012.

By the grace of God not only me but also my whole family is granted visa. Now I’m in the US.

First of all I would like to thank God JESUS CHRIST for the support and success he offered.

And also I thank hsb site for preparing me well.This was the God chosen way to prepare me well.

I think two things are very important.Confidence which reflects our genunity and warmth towards interviewer.

VO: How are you?
Me: Fine Thankyou Good Morning.

VO:place & university
Me: UTS, New York

Vo:Why US
Me:I want to be a chaplain.This course is not available in India.I spoke about the University.

VO:Asked about my UG&PG
VO:Are you working ?
ME:No. I am into God’s ministry for many years.

VO:You are granted visa
Me:Thank You. God bless you.


  1. halleluyah bro.
    @ daisy , thank god for you life,you are an embodiment of Gods blessing, indeed i am happy for you. have a nice time in the state , and keep worshiping that JESUS CHRIST that has made it happen ,remember , tell others about him more , and more wonders shall follow it in your life .you are blessed in jesus name!

    1. Come Out Of Your Dogmatic beleifs…….Show Me One Worse From The Bible….both from the old testament and the new testament where jesus(pbuh) said “He Is God or Worship Me”….now dont foolishly quote gospel of john where he said “i Am the way the truth and the light”…that doesnt mean he was god……

  2. ‘God’s ministry’? Is that a real entity, because I thought that meant heaven.

  3. Hi
    I had appeared for F1 visa interview twice for BBA but I had no luck with visa. I had applied to 4 Universities City University of Seattle for which I paid my Sevis, Central Washington University,San Francisco State University and Northwestern Polytechnic University.
    For the first interview, I had not been given any reason for refusal as VO just asked me about my career goals. I guess he was not convinced with my given answer.
    Then I appeared for interview again on Aug 9. Again I had no luck with it. This time VO said to me you have applied to two universities in Washington i.e City University of Seattle, And Central Washington University. He said You are specifically going to Washington so I’m sorry I can’t give you visa.
    So now I’m planning to defer my admissions for Spring and also to add one more university in California.
    Can you please give me an advice Which good university accepts freshman for BBA for Spring intake without SAT?
    My SAT is not that great I scored only 1230 whereas it was not the requirement of my university previously. But I took IELTS and got 6.5 Bands. Also I have done an additional Diploma in Business from UK. But I was asked nothing regarding my education background.
    Is it possible to get visa for Spring Intake?

  4. I think people who have played the visa lottery have slim chances of getting F1 visa

  5. Congrats may god bless you, i got rejected for the third time and this is the biggest nightmare i had and u r lucky enough to not experience that feeling. Good luck

  6. God bless! There is nothing in this universe that happens without the concent of God! Every action always precede and follow a chain of linkages, in hinduism we call it yoga-yog! Our will power, desire, intuition and actions are directly coupled with this supreme power, in your case Daisy, you have rarest rare blessings to visualise and sense these invisible linkages originating from God! Wish you best of luck in your this religious journey! Amen!

  7. Daisy,

    A small Vocab correction ‘H’ (HE) in the below sentence must be in bold letters as you are addressing the almighty 😀

    “First of all I would like to thank God JESUS CHRIST for the support and success he offered.”

  8. Congratulation…..I think they are want you to be chaplain. Off course they will not refuse people who want to learn about Jesus because there mission is to spread and invite people for that not like other majors

  9. Praise the Lord!

    Daisy thank you for sharing your experience with us 🙂 this is great news, have a blessed time here in the US.

    HSB was truly Godsent to prep me up for my Visa interview as well and it was a breeze. My VO asked me 5 questions, and gave me the visa in 2 mins : )
    Thank you Team Happy Schools Blog for setting up this amazing web portal which has truly helped and enabled so many of us to realise our dreams, may God bless you guys abundantly,
    Love and Prayers,

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