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Student  Study Visa to USA – Mock Interview Questions and Answers

Which university and degree?
Master’s in Computer & Information Systems Security

Why did you select this university?
Stevens is 140 year old university with a vast campus. It is located in New Jersey, a city with easy local transport. This university has many ongoing research projects on campus through which I can enlighten myself. It is one of the top 10% US universities. Some of the finest faculties across the globe teach here. The university is very well known and renowned across the globe. It had been my dream university for past two years.

What is your fees in I-20 for first the year?
My fees are $37094. Out of which my tuition fees are $22800 and $12259 is the living cost for on campus accommodation.

How many universities did you apply and list them.
I applied to three universities. I got admitted to all three of them. Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology & New York Institute of Technology.
(Will take my I20 of NJIT and admission confirmation e-mail from NYIT since I have yet not received its I20)

Who is going to sponsor your education and how?
My mother is going to sponsor me for my further studies. My family income is more than 1 Lac INR. My mother has more than $100000 in her savings bank account.

What will you do after graduation?
I would love to join the Forensics Department and curb the rampant growth of Cyber crimes in my country. There are not sufficient people and experts in this field who can track down the intruders and lead the suspects to punishments for their punishable offence. I would love to join Forensics department by clearing a few entrances after I finish up my post graduation.

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