2 Ways Students Hide the Facts During F1 Visa and Admission

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Before showing the 2 ways students try to hide the facts and game the system (Admission and F1 Visa), don’t ever try to do this.

Is it ok to hide the facts? Well answers is No (decent answer).

  1. Hiding backlogs while sending  transcripts
  2. Hiding multiple GRE Scores

Hiding Backlogs

Prime example can be found at this post – How to send transcripts (read the comments).

Some universities will not list backlogs in transcripts if you get a single transcript that lists all the courses in one page.

If you were to send individual mark sheets as transcripts, it will list all the backlogs.

Backlogs are bad, but some universities are aware of this and they ask for semester-wise transcripts.

Hiding Multiple GRE Scores

While appearing at F1 Visa interview, some students who took GRE multiple times try to take the GRE Score report mailed after first GRE attempt.

If student have improved the score, they have take GRE Score card that lists both scores.

If second or third GRE score is lower then first, then students try to hide the facts.

 Other Ways

Do you know of other ways to hide the facts while applying for visa or admission?



  1. if u had more than 1 backlog in a semester… can u treat it as 1 because the only way they can know that i had a backlog is by looking at the date of issue of the mark sheet and it wont tell them anything about the number of backlogs

  2. gre score 1370 first attempt and cgpa 9.45 . which universities to be applied in usa for electronics as well as computer science.please reply

  3. I scored 1010 in GRE at my very first attempt.
    In my second attempt i got only 950.

    Is it required to show both score reports at the time of admission and Visa interview?

    or i can just avoid the second test scores….
    please advice..

  4. backlogs are bad but ther’s no hiding them!! they specifically ask for sem wise transcripts

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