F1 Visa Approved – Fall 2011

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Following F1 Visa interview experience was posted by Subham, one of active members at Fall 2011 PhD and the PhD page was created after he requested an exclusive page for  PhD students.

  • Semester: Fall 2011
  • Degree: PhD in Marine Sciences
  • University: State University of New York at Stony Brook

F1 Visa Interview

VO( a very jolly gentleman) : Good Morning, How are u today?
Me: Fine, Good morning
VO: So what are ur qualifications?
Me: I am an MSc in Environmental Sciences from Calcutta University

VO: So, which subject in Physical Sciences (My i20 referred my subject of phd as “Physical Sciences, Others”
Me: Marine Sciences.

VO: so, how did u get a scholarshio?
Me: I applied to the school and they granted me a scholarship.

VO: OK, so what are ur research interests? what will u work on there?
Me: (detailed in brief about my research interests)

VO: So, marine science..thats an unconventional choice!
Me: a bit, but its…

VO: Could u explain me why u chose to do a phd in marine science after an MCA?
Me:…I am not an MCA , I am an M.Sc..

VO: Ok, sorry there, your visa is approved..Have a nice trip to USA.
Me: Thanks…

It lasted for around 3 mins…today I got my Visa

Congrats Subham and thnaks for sharing your experience. Hope you will hang out here to get information about Travel and life in USA.


  1. Hi … My Visa interview is febuary 4th , and I’m so confused about what should I say if they ask me ” Why this College ?” I choosed the college because it’s the nearest one to my brother’s home and the only one who don’t requier a TOEFL test , So if there any help you could get me I would be so thankfull … there is also another thing , is the US Visa form I said that I will stay in the US for 5 years , but my studies will take only four … are there any explication I can tell to convince them pleaze ?!!
    pleaze help me , I’m really in need . Thank you

  2. Hello guys……. i need some help from your side . Actually i have to face an interview fro the student visa to New Zealand this month . So could you plz tell me what all questions are being asked by the visa offices.

  3. Hi pls i need help my interview date is oct 17th i got admission at terra community college ohio to obtain associate degree in mechanical engineering technology but my complications is that i already got my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering what should i say if i’m asked in my interview why going for associate degree instead of masters degree.

  4. can anone please guide on this one…I hv got an admit for PhD Pharmaceutics program with full scholarship,, do I need to show any other financial documents..other than my scholarship letter ofcourse…need ur help guys asap..!!!!

    1. No, its not sure. However for safe side you can make an affidavit which will show your immovable and movable asset. I am also in same procedure.

  5. To what matter does GRE matter. I have good GRE and TOEFL Scores. But I have low Acads with Backlogs.???

    Awaiting Reply.

  6. Hi……I hold a valid F1 visa which was granted to me for the fall 2011 session. I got my admission deferred to the Spring 2012 session…..Could anyone please tell me if I need to apply for a new visa for the Spring session? The university has said that I do not require to apply for visa again as the it is valid for 5 years. The US VFS has however said that it is recommended to apply for a new visa if the existing visa is issued 5 months prior to your start date.

  7. Hi……I hold a valid F1 visa which was granted to me for the fall 2011 session. I got my admission deferred to the Spring 2012…..Could anyone please tell me if I need to apply for a new visa for the Spring session? The university has said that I do not require to apply for visa again as the it is valid for 5 years. The US VFS has however said that it is recommended to apply for a new visa if the existing visa is issued 5 months prior to your start date.

  8. hi well wishers,
    I got TOEFL scores 96 and GRE 1080(verbal=410,quant=670).And also got fake TOEFL score 106.
    I got I-20 with scores 1070 and 106.now i am worrying about VISA interview.Please suggest me what to do?Can I show 96 score at VISA interview?if i show will it give any problem.And problem is that I forgot exam center to say at interview,if they ask me.

    1. buddy go along with 96 TOEFL score and ur gre pls dnt curry ur 106 TOEFL bcoz that ur GRE score is low

  9. Hi Guys,

    I attended visa interview on 30th June at Chennai consulate. I came on OPT for renewing my visa. I had an expired F-1 visa. I got 221g pink form. They have taken my passport. Could some please suggest me how long it will take?

  10. hii everyone;
    HIIII this is Shaswat .I got admission in Oklahoma State university for Ms in Chemical engineering..My Visa interview was on 13 july. i got a reject so please give me some tips about this. A question was asked to wht ur aim?
    please give me d right answer of this question..

  11. Hello guys congratulations to all who got their visa… well i am gonna have visa interview this month end. i request to ans me 3 imp questions.
    1 why you want to go USA.
    and i am going to LINCOLN UNIVERSITY
    2 why lincoln university
    3.what the gurantee that you will come back after you studies..

    It could be a great help for me if i get answers for this questions .

    thanks guys

  12. hi,
    congrats on your success. can you tell me how many publications do you have in ur name, also how many projects have you done since ur m.sc. how did u apply to this univ. howz ur academics? plz reply

  13. Hi HSB !!!
    I want to share my F1- VISA experience.
    how can I upload it?
    can I directly submit onto Comments?

  14. My interview is on 1 july , i I-20 has support as from Family and the sum of 50 thousand dollars but my Bank statement that i have to take to the embassy has a smaller amount of 40 thousand dollars , my yearly total expensive is 24 thousand dollars in my university , so will i face any problem at the embassy and how can i explain bettely to the VO , Thanks

  15. hey subham even i ve got low gre score? dats da only prob wid me…. wid no backlogs n gu acd% could plz sugesst me wat if they ask bout gre?

    1. If they asks you about low GRE then tell them some excuse for that like you were doing project that time. And tell them that you have good academics and tell your percentage. You can cover GRE with the good academics.
      All the best!!!!!

  16. Can any1 of u please tell me if annual income of 5 lakhs will pose any problem??I have decent GRE,TOEFL,and academic scores.Even bank balance i have arranged for.But my father’s annual income is 5 lakhs , my consultant says they reject if we don’t show an income of 7 lakh and above.Could you plz tell if its true??I don’t want to show any fake certificates.Administrator plz comment on this.

    1. hi
      u r expected to show that how the finance supports from the sponsor.
      i think even 7laks also low.
      show some fixed doposits and bank balance for
      one year course min.
      best of luck
      let us know us finnaly the experience

  17. Hi, my visa interview is on 14th june, i have been admitted in MS in university of pittsburgh. I have visitors visa and have visited US once for 3 months. also i am a divorcee. Pls suggest what things i should take care of in the interview and my university requires just toefl and i have given only toefl with 96 score. also i have applied to just 2 universities. Pls suggest what things i should take of during my interview.

    1. Yous hould not worry if you have Toefl score and not gre.Tll VO that UP does not require Gre to qulify for admitance.VO may ask you your trevlling history and the purpose.Be prepared to answer.UP requires a damn good tuition fee so prepared to show all your finance, bank book and education loan if you have taken.I know ONE student applied to MS OT at University of Pittusburgh and was asked about her finance.Be confident, develop positive attitude and do not forgot to give him your smile when you enter cabin.Wish u best of luck.If for any reason if you failed please contact me soon.Also gatehr information on both universities you applied,VO will be more interested in knowing why you apply to UP and not X university?
      give your reason.okey

  18. I had my f1 visa interview today in Nigeria. Glory to God in the highest.
    I was granted. Halleluyah

    1. Hi Sarah, i’m a Nigerian too and my visa interview is on 18th, July. Pls can i get ur contact; i’d need ur assistance. Thx.

  19. Hey Subham,


    You are the lucky few who got an admit in PhD.

    What was you GRE score and did u give your TOEFL.

    And also did u have any international papers or projects.

    How many colleges did u apply for.


    1. @laxmi…i applied to 9 colleges…my gre was 1140 and toefl 107..and yes, i did have an international publication.

      1. Hiii Subham,

        I am revanth. I am M.Sc graduate in env.science, scored distinction all through academics. my toefl is 94 and GRE is 920.

        Two years research exp and three publications.

        Do you think, I will get admission in any USA university for PHD? I would appreciate your valuable reply. thanks in advance

  20. Hi, I just wanted to know, while filling the DS 160 form online, in case of travel information, if we r on a scholarship, do we give self or univ as sponsor for travel?

    1. Even if you are on scholarship University will not pay the fee of your travel. University is not sponsoring you. Univ is providing only scholarship.
      Therefore you need to select self option.

  21. Finally! I see posts specific to Fall 2011 PhD! Every link is cluttered with MS MCA related stuff.

    Good job!

    1. well this is F1 visa related thread…both for phd and MS 😛

  22. thanks mesh…I know…its only the beginning…but thankfully the visa part went smoothly…

    1. subham,, give me a guide line plz…. i finished my Bachelor that is Btchelor of dental surgery (BDS). now i am trying to admission in masters of public health(MPH). maximum university required GRE & TOEFL/IELTS . but some university does not required GRE. so i want to apply those universities who does not required GRE. My IELTS is running…i have some extra curriculum . is it possible for get admission ?? or is it possible to get 20/30% weaver on my tuition fees ??
      or gre is needed ??
      give me ans plz

  23. Congrats Subham. You’ve put a lot of work into this. And I am happy you’ve finally got the visa. Though the actual hard work will start when you get to the US I know you will go through successfully. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. Is there something like that? a multi yr scholarship? dunno about that…the schol etc is for 1 yr…and then my department will fund me…by the way..I also need to mention that I had a very low gre score…this I mention coz before my visa interview…the worry about my GRE gave been the creeps and tripled my worries…but anyways..THANKS A LOT HSB…u rock…I tackled the Visa interview mainly on the discussions over this blog and a few tips and pacifications from some seniors.. 😛

    1. Hey Subham.. Congrats..!! 🙂 Hey did you have to show any financial papers? I was wondering because even I have got an admit for PhD with funding.. Do we have to show anything.. I would really appreciate if you clear this doubt of mine.. 🙂

      1. Nikita…well I did take a lot of stuff but they asked for nothing ..just the i20, visa confirmation letter, interview letter and sevis fee recipt..thats it…and the appointment letter from ur uni…they dint bother about anything else..

        1. by the way Nikita..congrats..its useless to say “dont get tensed for visa interview” coz no matter how much u r sure of getting visa, u will be tensed..but for people with full funding, the worst that can happen is that they get a 221g…the security check…when u get visa after 3 weeks. that again depends on the field u r applying to.

          1. yeah true.. the 221g nightmare is always there for all the applicants.. 🙂 anyway, thanks for your wishes and also for the reply.. 🙂 congrats to you too..

  25. Hey,
    Congrats! Nice. It’s good to hear these success stories from people 🙂 . . . Good luck and have an awesome time in the US. . .


  26. @Subham(sorry for mistaking your name)

    Did u get a multi year scholarship??? Like funding for your whole study tenure in US???

  27. @Sumit

    Did u get a multi year scholarship??? Like funding for your whole study tenure in US???

  28. Hello HSB ,
    Can we have a separate page for students who want to do Medical related studies in US e.g Physical therapy etc.?

    Thank you.

      1. Hi people, thanks 2 ds platform and other resourceful materials, my interview on July 18 was a success. I was asked, at least, 19 questions despite my GRA offer and recommendation from the school. I’m Pat, a Nigerian and d interview was in Lagos. I’ll share my experience in due time. Thanks.

        1. hi Pat, im chioma, i will be having my interview soon. pls can i get your number. im soo curious as to why u were asked at least 19 questions? thou i know it has to do with the frequent occurences in Naija. heres my mail, pls send ur number. thanks

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