Top 5 F1 Visa Approved Schools 2011

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Note -Don’t forget to read the questions at end of the post.

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) manages the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

SEVP is a program under the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency within Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

SEVIS came online in 2003 to track and monitor the status and activities of nonimmigrant students and exchange visitors (EVs) who enter the United States.

SEVIS quarterly review is based on information retrieved on July 1, 2011. As SEVIS is a real-time data base, exact numbers within this review were accurate as of the date retrieved.

SEVIS Program Totals

  • Approved Schools – 10.36
  • F1 Students –
    • Active –  784,481
    • Dependents – 82,859
    • Completed – 1,421,858

Top 5 F1 Approved Schools

  1. City University of New York – 10,079
  2. University of Southern California – 7619
  3. Purdue university – 7051
  4. University of Illinois – 6796
  5. Columbia University – 6460

Other SEVIS Facts

  • 36% of all of the 10,364 SEVIS approved schools were located within California, New York, Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania.
  • 8 schools have more than 5,000 active students, and out of the 10,364 SEVIS approved schools,
  • 6,700 have less than 10 students
  • 3,741 schools have no foreign students

Highest Active Students

  • China – 150,899
  • South Korea – 101,652
  • India – 99,180
  • Saudi Arabia – 39,505

Top Courses

  • Business – 160,196
  • Engineering – 106,343
  • Basic Skills and Development – 78,925

Education by Level

  • Bachelors – 234,465
  • Masters – 192,996
  • Doctorate – 116,373

 F1 Visa Data

Now, we have this data about F1 Visa schools and number of students. But, what is the use of the above data if we don’t use them?

  • When I read the above SEVIS data, I have the following questions
  • USC is expensive, but why so many students choose to go there?
  • Majority of students coming from India will be in Engineering, but why number of students in Business degree is more?
  • US Issues 65,000 + 20,000 H1B Visa each year. With 1.4 Million students completing degree in F1 Visa, both F1 and H1B numbers don’t add up.
  • How many students do you think from India might be going to US to learn Basic Skills and Development (3rd in Top Courses list)? Why do you think so many students from Foreign countries come to US to learn Basic Skills?






  2. I really dont know what’s the scene with USC is. It is supposedly a top-rated univ and posh and blah-blah, yet recently, in August, it came to India and went about several capital cities lobbying for admission….as they claimed “on the spot admission”. That was weird! You dont see any other univ do that!! Well I could be stupidly biased, but….

  3. Hello excusume,my name is kirankumar,I have completed btech in may2011. I have my gre xam on sept8th, actually i have to be written on may4th as my passport was delayed.Is their any to chance to apply universities  for spring2012,i am in doubt that all score cards of new gre will be sent to universities in the first week of  november,can i apply with my expected score card of new gre for universities.???please give my rply..i was very much required ur answer.

    1. No. the spring dates are all past for the US. Last one was for Purdue, sept 15th. However, if you are interested for Australia, for the October session, you can still apply asap. And one more thing, if you do get in contact with a professor who agrees to take u on as his RA, u can JOIN ANYTIME, even in spring, since you shall be funded by the prof and not the institute. Hope it helps.

  4. Dear HSB,

    let me try to answer your qn. based on my knowledge. 🙂

    1A. USC is both expensive and also top-rated school. Its easy to get job if you can just maintain status quo with the university academics. And many Indians (including me) still believe that studying in california can increase your chances of getting into job. (I can only dream to go there 🙂 )

    2A. Ha ha. Most students in India are engineering graduates. Most of the engineering graduates are electronics and communication engg/Comp Science Engg. Most of these engineers end with a software job. So after doing a software/IT based job, most will not be interested into research as those research skills can be obtained online or part-time studies in India (without going all the way around the world spending half of the lifetime earnings). So if you treat education as an investment, you need to get your salary digits increased after the study. Business study can be the better option. You can even end up being a COO or CEO. 🙂 (You are a software engineer yourself, HSB. Is my argument valid?)

    3A. Those counts will never gets tallied because of the consultants. And moreover some will continue their studies again (PhD, MS) and in between they will be working until their VISA gets expired.

    4A. Virtually none from India will go for basic skills as we always go for value for money. :). But some whose fiance’s or husbands settled in US, will indeed consider these if they could not get spouse VISA.

    1. I’m never fan of schools in California. You can get best bang for your buck in other cheap states.
      + I don’t agree to the view of 100% secured job just because of degree from California.
      You get the job, if you have talent and required skills.

      1. And which are those cheap states?
        N everything apart, Calif is “the best place to study in, very romantic, nice weather…perfect place to get spoilt”….quoted verbatim from a calif-someone. And that is one of the prime reasons many studes aim for calif.

  5. Hi. This is the first time I am posting anything here, so I am really sorry for any mistake that I may have made. I have gotten through Indiana University Bloomington M.S Biotech program, could you please tell me if the University is approved (and good)?
    Thank you in advance for considering my question. 

  6. I wonder why so many students choose to study engineering in the US and then they want to have a job over here in the US. Engineers are facing unemployement which increases every year resulting in people getting laid off every now and then. Engineering has better scope in India rather than the US. USC gives scholarship. Probably, that’s wjy students choose USC over state universitties who have no budget for any kind of aid.

    1. As USC student I can say that the admission criteria for USC is not that High(also it depends from Dept to Dept)..Getting into USC is not the difficult part of the journey,getting out of it is the MOST DIFFICULT part ..USC requires a Min GPA of 3.0 / 4.0 ,which is not easy for everyone to reach..I know many ppl who have to take transfers after 1 sem or go back to india as they are not able to cope with USC…The courses are way more difficult than other universities and many companies hire according to the courses u take…I agree that USC is costly but wat else can u expect wen u live in LA and the recognition u get of being a USC student is much worth much more than that and also the getting a job after graduating from a good university is easier …SO i suggest if u can financially support ur studies for USC go for it ..

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