I Lied During F1 Visa at Mumbai Consulate – What HappensNext?

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  • GRE – 1200<score<1300
  • TOEFL – 85<score<90
  • UG –  55% (14 backlogs)

My visa experience was  like this

Me : Good morning sir

VO : (in serious mood) Pass me your documents I passed my passport and i 20
VO : Why US?
Me : To pursue MS in XXX from ZZZ university.
VO : Why ZZZ university??
Me : The research going in the field of YYY matches my interest.
VO : What other uni have u applied?? ME : said applied to 2 more universities and said names.
VO : how many admits and rejects?
ME : only 1 admit from ZZZ university.
VO : SO, you have only 1 admit?

ME : yes sir
VO : What’s your GRE and TOEFL?
Me : Said. I explained him with detail like in old pattern and in new pattern, division of marks.etc
VO : How many backlogs u had??(looking straight into my eyes)
ME : 7. In my 1st and second year but I cleared them immediately with good marks.
VO : who is sponsoring you?

ME : My father
VO : what is He?
ME : said
VO : what’s his annual income?/
ME : said
VO : said something but I didn’t understand clearly and gave some random answer about my fathers

Then he typed for some time in her computer and said unfortunately I can’t grant you visa this time .
I lied to him about my backlogs. But he didn’t ask for my mark lists or any other documents. I am planning to appear visa interview again.

So what should I do now? should I give them previous answer about my backlogs or should I say the truth? And  also I have only one admit so is it a problem during visa interview?


  1. HFM on February 19, 2013 at 6:49 PM

    TA is correct….who needs or wants failing students who lie to take up valuable class space at a university? Why? This lying clown only wants to come to the US to (a) flunk out of ‘school’ and (b) go to work in some doughnut store or gas station and never return home….why is lying considered to be acceptable by those of you who are chastising TA? Lying is NOT acceptable…it strongly suggests that the OP is not an honest person, and, as a citizen of the United States of America, I don’t want lying visa cheats in my country…ever…under any circumstance…..period.

  2. Dinesh on September 4, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    But in my situation visa officer has cross checked all memo’s will this be a problem for me if i attend next time ..please assist

  3. dinesh on September 4, 2012 at 11:18 AM

    Planning for this spring so will that be a problem for me please assist

  4. dinesh on September 4, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    Faced same situation at chennai..but here visa
    officer has crossed checked my marks sheets

  5. Rushika on September 3, 2012 at 2:01 PM

    It’s probably because of the 1 admit thing, not the backlogs if he didn’t check your sheets. Even so, you didn’t have to lie about the backlogs, 7 and 14 are almost equally bad. Saying you had 1 backlog when you actually had 3-4 is understandable, but when you’re talking in the big range that you have it makes almost no difference.

  6. TA on September 3, 2012 at 1:52 PM

    Listen you dont deserve to come to the United States and study . I am here at a top 10 graduate program and it is the most competitive place in the world. Your motivations for pursuing graduate education are all wrong. You are trying to gain some lousy validation back home from some family member or neighbour or god knows who. Stay put. Work hard get a job and be a normal human being.This nonsense charade will take you nowhere. You’ll be kicked out of here in no time. Go somewhere else.

    • Akshay001 on September 3, 2012 at 3:50 PM

      Listen Mr. TA! You got into top 10 grad programs, alright! Just ask yourself, didnt you lie to VO, that you will come back india once you finish MS? Or is it true you gonna come back immediately once you finish your course there and help india grow? Come on Mr Honest-liar! dunno how many lies you sold during every step of the application process to that top 10 university which let you in finally.
      The way you are lambasting the thread creator, the way you are commenting authoritatively like you are the epitom of truthfulness and virtues, like US president has appointed you on deciding who should come US and who shouldnt! You are pretending like you never lied even once in your life & you got admitted based on how truthful you are compared to rest of ordinary living beings!
      Mind your language and style of comments Mr., you are not given license to degrade anyone. You are into one of top “TEN” schools, not top three, alright! You are not the only smart person alive! There are billion smarter ppl than you!
      One university admits his application is sufficient indication that he deserves to go US and pursue his dream. Because university selection committee understands a student better than any jackass who randomly declares about anybody’s ability and advices him how he should live his life and how he shouldnt.
      Every student who goes to US for studies carry his / her own version of piles of lies, uses it when and where ever it is needed!

      @Mr. Sunil, info provided by you is so vague to comment where it went wrong. If your backlog lie was not detected as you say, then it is probable your other answers that indicated something fishy. Of course you cant publish your real interview, so read all interviews on this blog and analyse yourself and apply the remedy.
      In any case, dont lie, be candid. If your us university is better reputed, accrediated, then backlogs etc should not dim your chances. Visa officers have different criteria of rejections than we think. Attend F1 seminars conducted by some consultancy or by indo american society to improve your chances.

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