F1 Visa B.S in Mechanical Engineering – Mumbai Consulate

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f1 interview bachelorsFollowing F1 Visa interview experience is shared by Kashif.

I reach the consulate 8.45 for my 9am interview. After the security checks I was let in and made to sit in a queue.

I advise other students to reach the consulate early for this. After some time we where led into the building and given a token number.

We followed the queue to get our fingerprints verified and I sat in the first row in the waiting area for my interview.

I saw many interviews in my 90 mins wait time. A male officer on a particular counter was issuing visas to almost everybody and a lady was rejecting almost every applicant.

I got nervous seeing this. I was constantly praying that I got that generous officer.

I saw the ones who failed where those who hadn’t prepared properly and where didn’t have a proper plan.
Luckily I got the generous officer.

Me: Good Morning.
VO: No reply..Types into the computer.

VO: Good Morning Sir.
VO: Yes, I heard. Which degree?
Me:Mechanical Engineering

VO: Any other admits apart from UTA (University of Texas at Arlington)


VO: hmmm. types into the computer.
VO: So you had gone to Saudi? Y?
Me: Hajj. It is…
VO (Interrupts): I know what that is..what is a generous smile. About to give the VISA, I could sense it.. But…
VO; So ready to go to Texas? Done with your high school this year?
Me: No. I completed two years back.. Here the grilling started (I wanted to be honest no matter what)

VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: Told. Explained honestly looking into his eyes,

VO: Ok. So what is your father s income?
Me: 2.5 Lakhs p.a

VO: Mother s income.
Me: 6.25 Lakhs
As soon as he heard 6 lakhs he interrupted me:

VO: Your Visa has been approved and you will get it in 3-5 business days.

I reached home in 15 mins after the interview since I live near.

Within 4 hours I got an Email that my passport is ready for pickup.  I’ll be collecting it tomorrow morning since it was already Friday evening.

Thanks a lot HSB since I prepared for my VISA extensively after reading F1 Visa interviews from your site!


  1. I got the Bank statements showing the amount in local currency i.e. INR. But I prepared a Statement of my own that listed all the liquid, non-liquid assets in their INR as well as USD values. Prepare your own statement as you’ll be more comfortable explaining if you have made it yourself!

  2. Congrats dude. Have a pleasant stay in the US.

    If I may ask any expert in the house, which is advisable, to show a bank statement of the sponsor in local currency or foreign (US) currency?

    1. Bank statement should list US equivalent of local currency.

      1. Hello Bro this is Gnanesh. Visa approved for SIUC. Gimme ur mail id so that i can contact you.

  3. Thumbs up fo HSB!you guys are doin a great service,helping d career growth & aspirations of multitude.love from Africa

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