F1 Visa – Illinois State University

Raghuram Sukumar F1 Visa Interview Experiences 9 Comments

Following F1 Visa experience shared by Puneet.

VO: Good Afternoon
ME: Good Afternoon

VO : Which University you want to go?
ME : Illinois State University

VO : Which Course you want to go?
ME : ( There was sound disturbance i heard when you want to go?)August 1st week

VO : which course you want to study?
ME : MS Information Systems, Sorry sir its too noisy out here and announement going on so could not hear ur voice

VO : how you come to know about this University?
ME : friends, internet, discussion forum for IS programs and i have also contacted the professors regarding curriculum and research opportunities.

VO : what is special about this universities course?
ME : they have specialization in System development

VO: what  is system development?
ME: ???? (I don’t know wat the hell is this as I am Chemical Engineer) its development of specific system using computer programming and IT

VO : what research is going on in the department?
ME : bla bla bala

VO : tell me about research facilities?
ME : told him about labs and the specific facilities

VO : Who is sponsoring you?
ME : My father is sponsoring me, he is CA

VO : I am approving your Visa.

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  1. Hi there…..congrats for your visa……Can you give me any info about good universities in US for pursuing MS in Chemical Engg..

  2. first of all congrats
    Puneet can u tell me the other universities u applied for ?

  3. Hello,
    I have a question please let me know if anyone can answer please. I applied to only one university and got an acceptance letter from them. I know it is not recommended to apply for one university only at all, but i did not know about this fact before and whatever is done is done. Now, I have taken a visa interview date and I need to know that whether I should simply lie that I applied to 4,5 Universities and got the acceptance from the only one? or Should I just tell the truth? Having said that..I have read it a lot that people who told truth that they applied to only one university were disapproved. So wouldn’t it be killing your own-self by telling the truth in this case?

    Do they have information about every university I applied for? or only the ones that accepted me?
    Please let me know soon.

    1. Hey What happened.. In the interview.. Did u get the approval?I m facing the same problem.

  4. Hi student911,

    Well the best way to go about your situation is to simple say u applied to only 1 university. However you should be prepared to give convincing reasons at least 5 of them why you believe that sch is what u really need.

  5. hi dude
    me also facing the same problem, i think you have overcome this problem now it’s my turn.So please help me out of this. what should i tell to VO about admision? i have only 1.

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