Easiest F-1 Visa Interview Ever (Mumbai US Consulate)

Raghuram Sukumar F1 Visa Interview Experiences 4 Comments

I probably had the easiest visa interview like many describe here in that the VO did not ask even for a single document.

US Visa interview Experiences (student visa)

Here is how it went.

Me: Good afternoon, sir
VO: Good afternoon state you name plz.

Me: Said

VO: Why are you here?
Me: I want to pursue my masters in aeronautical engineering, sir

VO: Why do you wanna do your masters anyway?
Me: These 4 years of my bachelors I’ve seen my strengths and weaknesses as a student. I have identified my area of interest and now I want to specialize in it.

VO: Which university?
me: Rutgers.

VO: How many universities did you apply to
Me: 8,sir.

VO: Which were they?
Me: Said

VO: How many accepted you?
Me: 2, sir

VO: which were they?
Me: Said.

VO: What is your GRE score?
Me: 1280, sir.

VO: Whats your math score?
Me: 760, sir

VO: Good job.
Me: Thank you.

VO: who is funding you?
Me: My parents.

VO: What do they do?
Me: They are business people (wrong word!) I mean they are entrepreneurs. They own two companies.

VO: what are those companies about?
Me: Said.

VO: Where do they live?
Me: Said,

VO: Congratulations Mr …… your visa has been approved.

Visa Interview Tips:

Wear casuals and look like a college going person.

Be very polite.

The person ahead of me had argued a lot when his visa got rejected.

He was told he would not get the visa even if he applied again.

Prepare well and always answer only as much as has been asked.

It may seem I was asked many questions but I answered almost immediately without asking him to repeat any question so we had a good flow going.

This according to me is very important. I think my answer to the third question nailed it for me as the rest of the questions were not subjective.

I was confident, i never leaned forward, I stood straight (which shows confidence) and I was short and crisp, always smiling.


  1. Wow ! That’s good you got it with confidence. why I was refused twice for one particular school
    which is MSOE, Is it that this university is not have good credentials??

  2. “Wear casuals and look like a college going person.” That doesn’t sound right. I pass the Mumbai consulate almost everyday and I’ve never, ever seen anyone in college attire.

  3. I chilled a lot in the interview… I leaned forward and with my two elbows in the table, relaxed and talked!!! I never stood straight but was damn confident!

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