My Journey to USA with Simran Preet Singh

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I invited Simran Preet Singh to share his journey to USA till date. He recently got his F1 Visa at study Masters Degree in San Diego State University.

Video with Simran is split into 2 parts

  • Part 1 –  This Video
  • Part 2 – Available for Hello America Members.

In this video he talks about

  • GRE Prep Tips – Books and Resources
  • TOEFL Prep Tips
  • Why he decided to work for 1 year before applying to USA Universities
  • U.S. University application (how many application and admits)

F1 Visa Interview Experience Fall 2013

In Part 2, he talks about his F1 Visa Interview Experience Fall 2013 in much detail.

  • List of Universities (Applied, Admitted)
  • Why he Selected SDSU
  • F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers
  • How to prepare for F1 Visa
  • F1 Visa Documents
  • What to say in interview if you have brothers or sisters living in USA (Potential Immigrant)
  • What if Parents are retired while appearing for visa itnerview
  • #1 reason why student fail to get student visa to USA
  • Some cool F1 Visa Interview Resources



  1. Hello guys,
    I got admitted to the PhD program in chemical engineering at university of Missouri columbia, but they didnt yet responded anything about the funding, then I contacted proffs ,none of them have active projects, I am now waiting for the reply from university of missouri. If I have to fund my self I will dropout the offer and will look for the other univs I applied.Actually I think most of the average universities in US are now reluctant to issuing funding to PhD programs . I had seen many in the US education blogs/sites with the same issue that is ‘got admitted but without funding’. Can any body suggest me what to do now?

  2. Is it possible to deffer my application from computer science to Electrical engineering. I got admission to computer science.

  3. US visa denied under 214b. two questions
    1. How to overcome 214b
    2. Can we request ownself to the officer for review of our documents i dont know what they call it

  4. how difficult is getting a visa to US ? I m planning for MS in 2014 fall. Please share.


  5. hi sir i am doing m tech planning to do masters in USA again…already i had applied visa in 2010 but got refused for 3 times can i apply it now for again masters…reply me as early as possible sir….

  6. I want to know , right now I am 22, I am doing MCA , I will be completing MCA by 25,I am planning to do MS after dompleting MCA do you think I would be old enough to try masters in USA??Or is it okay, i can still get admit.

      1. Can I really do Phd after MCA ?? Or do I need to do MS , I would love to do Phd , but I don’t know whether it’s okay to do that

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