F1 Visa Mock Interview – Florida State University – Fall 2012

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Please give me your valuable suggestions and let me know how best I can refine my answers. – By Kushal.

I have been admitted to Florida State University for MS Computational Science for fall 2012 intake.

Why US / Why only US?

The course which I will be pursuing is not offered in India.MS degree from US will help me to secure a good job when I come back to India.

Why this university?

This university is the best amongst other admits and the cost of living in XYZ (location) is comparatively cheaper. It has very good reputation and ranking amongst National universities in US. The warm and caring environment in the university will be invigorating and intellectually stimulating while providing opportunity to learn under the guidance of distinguished professors who are pioneers in their field of research.

Why this course?

I did a course, in IISC, Bangalore and I received an A grade in it and based on my performance, my professor recommended me to pursue MS in Applied Mathematics track under Computational Science in US. My interest is purely academics.

What is your undergraduate percentage/GPA?

65%, GPA 3.54/4

How many backlogs?


Why 2 backlogs?

In first semester, I did silly mistakes and got less marks and I immediately cleared the subject in the next semester. In seventh semester, I was ill during the exams but I cleared the subject in the next semester.

What are your GRE and TOEFL scores?

GRE- 1240 : Maths -750, Verbal- 490. TOEFL – 85.

Who is sponsoring your education?

My father and also S.B.I has sanctioned me an education loan of 20 lakh rupees.

How long do you intend to stay in US?

On MY I20, the duration of the course is 36 months and I intend to return back to India immediately after the course completion.

What do you intend to do after MS?

I have 3 reasons to return back to India. Firstly, my father was Assistant General Manager in XYZ bank and with his industrial references I can find a good job. Secondly, I have a moral obligation towards my mother, who needs regular medication which is cheap and easily accessible to me.  Thirdly, I have been learning Tabala, a Hindustani musical instrument since 15 years and I wish to pursue my passion when I come back.



  1. Need a help for Mock Interview
    I have got admission to Hult Business school(2012-13)
    Course : Master’s in International Business
    I have my Visa Interview at Hyd Consulate on June 20th.
    Job profile : Working as Sr.Sys Executive in CTS India Pvt Ltd.
    Total EXP : 2+ yrs
    Education Qualification : B.tech with 61% and 4 backlogs

    TOEFL/IELTS: — school didn’t ask me to give any english proficiency test considering my past 16 years education which was English Medium. In I-20 they have mentioned the student has required english proficiency under same tab.
    GMAT : Not Mandatory
    Admission Criteria : PI, Work Experience and..
    Scholarship: 7500$
    Applied to only one school

    It’s an online application Started in December, Application is Still open
    In Initial stage first I need to pay application fees online and submit some required documents like SOP, Resume so that I can meet Scholarship Dead line.

    Then after asked to submit all the required documents for the application and then had PI and then got Conditionally Accepted. Then had to pay 2500$ towards reservation of seat for the class.
    Paid the fees and then Got I-20
    And then scheduled for Visa Interview
    So Guys can you help me out , How can my Visa interview be?

  2. I got i20 from csu,fresno and stevens.My aggregate is 76%.my gre is 289,my toefl is 78.iam in confusion to attend visa interview because my tofel score is 78.plz suggest me what to do

  3. Hi Kushal , I too got admit from FSU for my master’s in computer sciences .When u r going to attend your interview ? Is it nice university to go ahead for my doing Msc?

  4. buddy one answer u can give for backlog is like,
    after 20yrs , for the first time i wnt outside my hometown for studies and so i was a bit homesick, and gradually i got adapted over my 2nd year..
    as stated above dont say cheap cost of living and stuff, strict no nos..
    keep it simple – the answers,
    one reason u can give instead of tabla is like u got ur girlfriend back in india and u hv to cm back for her- the reason sounds quite absurd, but when u can think of tabla u might want to opt for girlfriend- good degree from a reputed college and a perfect family is best – perfect family comprises of girlfriend turned to wife……….
    best of luck…and dont get scared , directly look into the consulates eyes, like u r the one and rest are no one!!
    and u l be dh one!!

  5. hey one valuable suggestion from my side………plz keep it simple and straight forward. don’t try to be over smart……
    !. this univ is best among other admits.it may not work……. i guess……..u hav to include strong curriculum and exposure to research work and u should need another strong point like it suits my skill-set and matches to my experience like that………
    2.why u had 2 backlogs…….
    u should not say because of silly mistake…this shows how much u r interest in studies……this may not work again…….just say like other reason like health problem….or participated in sports…….so i was unable to do well.with that tha experience i came to known the importance of multitasking and all

    3.wht do u intend to do aftr ms……
    the ans which u hav given completely-wrong as per my knowledge.with this ans surely vo will reject you…..you have to include how ur m.s/phd will be useful to ur long-time objective..u have to keep it simple and staright mate

  6. dude I’d suggest you change the last answer. Relate the course you are going and the jobs in some of the companies in India. (you can mention two or three companies too!) Do a little homework to explain him how you can reach your career goals in india with the help of your degree there. Tabla, your dad’s reason have to be changed. Also, don’t use too many big words. Answers shouldn’t appear mugged up/fabricated beforehand. Keep it short and crisp. Answer to the point and have your best points in the first two sentences since he may interrupt you even before you finish answering. confidence and being calm are most imp’! How much ever you prepare, you’ll get a spontaneous question. like when you mentioned that the cost of living is cheaper, the next question he’ll ask will be about how you can fund your education.

  7. Hi Kushal, many congratulations on your admit. I am no expert, but just from an outsider’s perspective I would suggest the following things.

    As far as your answers to the first two questions go, why don’t you try to include some more specifics on the work (not too technical though) of any particular professor(s) in your university you may be interested in, as I feel that would increase the credibility of your arguments, since if you are finally interested in academia that is surely something you would have researched on.
    Also, although this is a very valid practical point, I am not sure how good an idea it is to include the cost of living statement in your response to a visa officer (2nd qn.). For the third question, I would rather show someone more of my enthusiasm for a course and then supplement it with my academic credentials in an area like you have.
    Finally, as rolly above rightly suggested, please revisit your responses to the last couple of questions and try to think of something valid (and true) on the lines of you wanting to come back to India as the field you would be gaining expertise in, may be an upcoming field there.
    Good Luck!

  8. hi Kushal, In my opinion, u should think again the answers to ur second last and last question. Also, don’t use lines like “My interest is purely academics.” Otherwise it is gud and Best of luck 4 ur interview.

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