My US F1 Visa Interview for Fall 2011 was Quite Short

Raghuram Sukumar F1 Visa Interview Experiences 13 Comments

Below is my visa interview. Thanks for your help , I had no knowledge when i finished my UG.

I learned all this art of applying for masters from your Blog 🙂

Apart from applying for universities the informative things that you post like about their economy how to read that and feel the present trend was very helpful.

This phase of my life has been a decisive moment, Which had changed everything.

After your suggestions i started reading NY-Times and other papers which had been a very useful not only for my exams but more than that.

I want to be part of this for long time. Even now i am using your Pre-departure list. 😀

Thanks & Regards,
Santhosh R

F1 Visa Interview Experience

My visa interview was quite short.

After the regular procedures of document verification and Fingerprint scanning,  I was waiting for my Token number to be called for interview at that moment i realized something, I was really proud to have made to upto that moment, I was Happy for that first, my number was eventually called upon.

Time was around 9.45AM interview was scheduled at 9.15 AM

Me: Hai, Good Morning
VO: Good morning
VO was checking all the documents GRE ,TOEFL , I20 sheets, Degree Certificate and took my passport

VO: Have you ever travelled to US
ME: No

VO: Have you ever travelled outside your country (by that time she saw the singapore and malayasia stamping in my passport) oh you have been to singapore and malayasia..Is it for your studies.

Me: No for vacation
Then she started typing for a some 20 secondstime…..

VO: Where is your father working
ME: Working as a HSE Engineer
She was not able to get that

ME: No Health Safety and Environment Engineer at ACTCO

VO: oh ok, Where
ME:Abu-Dhabi UAE
Then she started typing again for a 30 Seconds Looking at the I20 and entering something in the computer.

VO: Did you had any Backlogs
Me:Ya, 3
She started typing again for some 10 seconds and said

Vo: your Visa is approved and you will get your passport in a week (I didnt hear clearly , but saw she was keeping my passport and returning all other materials .. Then confirmed by that “you will receive it” Smile )

Thanks to all who helped me all throughout the process from Applying to Getting Visa.


Congrats Santosh ans Thanks for sharing your experience. I remember we spoke over the phone

Enjoy your trip to US. Hope see your experience about flight and experience in USA. Good to see HSB made a difference in your life.


  1. I think, the fact that you are financially well off worked in you favour. The moment the VO saw that you have traveled to other countries for vacations, she got convinced that you will have enough means to support your education, which is one the major factors in getting a visa. It shows that you have strong ties back home and does not qualify you as a potential immigrant.
    Congratulations and all the best for your future endeavors.
    Tangent – It is really sickening that you have to spell several words with without the “u”, i.e favor and endeavor.

  2. hi……
    I have a doubt if they mean backlog then what does
    it mean.Is it the total backlog in whole of your
    graduation or the present one
    Do they allow us to return back to write the
    kt paper

  3. These days people without a significant educational background is escaping to US to make their career…This is quite ridiculous!!!!!!!

    Imagine someone with even 3 backlogs is also moving to US!!!!!!!!! How bad is that!!!!

    1. Wait what? Even good students can have bad days and end up with some backlogs, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go to the USA.

    2. Marks doesnt always quantify a persons’s skills. FYI I had aggregate of 75 and Within 2 yrs of my first job, I was promoted to Ast.Manager projects and US is not a place for gods its just another crap hole. Grow up!!!!!!!

      1. I totally agree, your academic level is quite different from your intellectual level. Different skills are needed for different jobs…

  4. Congrats
    she didn’t even ask about your future plans (coming back or not) and why this university, how many unis you have applied, why this one,….

  5. Hi,
    I went for my visa interview on the 9th, however my application was rejected. The reason i was given was that since i am working and have been working back here in my country for the past 4 years, if i go for studies i will not study but look for a job. Well, one thing i had forgotten was to change my passport status to student. Could this have contributed to the visa rejection for fall?

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