F1 Visa Interview for MBA – University of Louisiana

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Sample Student Visa for USA interview for MBA (University of Louisiana)

Q1. Which university and degree?
University of Louisiana, Monroe and degree MBA

Q2.Why did you select this university?
This is one of the top universities in U.S that offers MBA with specialization in Education Leadership and since I have been a leader throughout my academics I know how important it is to have school leaders in the future.

Q3.What is your fees in I-20 for first year?
The fees is 6000$ for first year

Q4.How many universities did you apply and list them?
I applied in two universities:
1.Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
2. University of Louisiana, Monroe
Q5.Who is going to sponsor your education and how
My father is going to sponsor my education from our inherited property

Q6.What will you do after graduation?
I would like to work in U.S and gain practical experience as an administrative officer for two years and then return to my country , work as an assistant principle and get settled in India.


  1. Your answer to question no.2 doesnt sound too appealing, actually sounds arogant

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