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Following F1 Visa interview experience is shared by Ginioz as comment. Converting the comment to a blog post.
I’m kind of anxious these days. I applied for MS in Electrical Engineering and got Interviewed at U.S Consulate in Melbourne as I am currently pursuing my Masters degree here and just got through the first semester with very good Grades.

I wanted to join the school in U.S due to the course content and career objectives. Any ways I appeared in an interview for the 1st time last week which was
pretty straight forward and smooth. After regular greetings and all VO: Asked me following questions.

How long you have been here in Melbourne.

Where are you studying

What are you  studying and now you want go to x university in U.S

Then she asked  how is it different then what you are studying here, I replied with proper justification!.

Who is paying for your education

Do you have any relative in U.S, I said No…

Did you applied at other university, I replied Yes the Uni Y.

Then VO asked for my Marks Sheet both Bachelors and the current, I presented it to her.

After that she said that we need to do  further administrative processing and gave me a green 221g slip  which is NOT asking any additional documents.

VO officer Kept my  Passport and I-20 letter. All I wanna ask is how long does it take for further administrative processing and what are the chances for me to get the visa? Please comment. Thanks.

Track your Visa application status online. There is no time limit on when 221(g) will be approved/denied.


  1. I think it will take 3-4 weeks but i think you will get visa .
    There are more chances of visa when they kept your passport.

    1. Hello Nitin mine was a different case during the Interview i wasn’t asked for a single document she only saw my passport and I-20 and kept on asking questions i answered every question upto the mark and VI was also convinced , but in the end of the interview she was typing on the computer for almost 20-25 seconds and handed me the green slip 221g and gave my passport back and said please read the slip carefully and submit necessary documents to the given email ID and we will get back to u

      i have heard that chances are more so can you or someone reading this post can help me ?

      how much time does it take to get reply from them ….
      what is the approval rate after issuing 221g green slip…

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