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Hello Friends,

There is a lot of issues going with the Mumbai Consulate. There is tremendous rejections for F-1 cases in July,2011. I am one of them.

Now I am appearing for the 2nd Time. However I have 1 Question that If In case I get the same Visa Officer (who took my interview for the 1st Time)

Can I ask the authorities for another Visa Officer to take my Interview.

I have heard that there is a rule where a applicant can ask for another Visa Officer to take his interview in case if gets the same 1 visa officer?

This is important for all of them who are appearing again for Fall-2011 after there 1st Time rejection.

F1 Visa Mumbai

  1. Where did you her about he rule “here a applicant can ask for another Visa Officer to take his interview in case if gets the same 1 visa officer”
  2. Whats wrong if you happen to have F1 Visa interview in Mumbai with  same visa officer?

Haven’t hear about that rule before. Unless if some says they have heard it from some US consulate members, its rumor then.

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  1. hey relax be prepared for every kind of question. dont worry if it is written in ur destiny then you will go otherwise it’s not bad to pursue ur dreams using another path.

    whatever be the outcome remember 1 thing : something better must be written in ur destiny

  2. I’m not sure but if you get the same VO in second attempt the VO themselves transfers you to another counter. I did read it somewhere but still, don’t take it for granted. Prepare well ad you should be good to go.

  3. There is a lot of misguiding, unconfirmed information that these consultants seem to be providing. Just go ahead and make your appointment, prepare well for your interview and there is a high chance you will get your visa. Visa officers don’t reject genuine candidates who are sincerely interested in studying further.

    My case has proved several unconfirmed information/myths about visa interviews false. I attended my visa interview 4 days back, at the fag end of the month at the Delhi Consulate and still got my visa ( this is the third time I got a US visa). Secondly, I already have a Masters from the US and had been on H1B and worked there, quit my job and came back to India last year. I am changing my stream of education and going back to the US. They did not consider me as a potential immigrant as I convinced the visa officer that my intention of going to the US is purely intellectual curiosity and research interest etc.

    Finally, same visa officer or a different visa officer – your job is to make a cogent pitch for getting visa. Before coming to conclusions yourself, about number of rejections etc, be sure you don’t believe such stories unless they are supplemented with apt proof. Most of the things mentioned on this post and in the comments section regarding high visa rejection rates in the month of August or in Delhi, Mumbai consulates in my opinion is bullshit until you show me numbers which prove these right.

    Rather than paying attention to myths of this kind, it is better to pay attention to preparing for the visa interview.

    1. Agreed, I’ve never seen students going to good universities who get help from consultancies. So the stats they give for visa rejections is purely due to them not sending students to good universities.

  4. Hey,

    Don’t worry if the same VO take your interview again. They are not partial or biased. They are used to judge the person by the confidence level and the way of communication. along with that academics and GRE and TOEF score.

    The one thing which you must keep in your mind before aplying for 2nd time that there must be some significant change in your level so that you can say to VO that this is the change from my previous interview. If VO feels that you are deserving candidate will grant you visa.

  5. Go & ask that stupid consultant.My consultant told I can attend till september before your class starts.who is right?

  6. I don’t know how much truth is there in this however, my visa consultant told not to attend any interview after last week of july and complete month of aug for sep intake as the rate of rejection will be very high. They are not able me the proper reason why they will reject more visa on these dates… Anyone has got any idea… Please comment.

  7. Hey..!! dont worry.. when u apply for a visa the second time.. the consulate officials will make sure u get a different VO.. cause its Consulate rules.. This info was verified by the Chennai consulate Head in a seminar i attended.. and all the best for your interview.

  8. US Consulates are rejecting F-1 VISAS like they dont want any students from INDIA.

    At delhi same thing is happening.
    My VISA has been rejecting twice under 214(b).

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