When Can I Go for F1 Visa Stamping for Spring 2011

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Hi friends –  I have applied to 7 universities and expecting one I-20 soon. I am planning to go for Spring 2011. I just wanted to know when can I go for VISA, i mean how late can I plan. Classes might start from 2nd week of Jan 2011.  Please help me!  Thanks in advance – Aishwarya

F1 Visa Stamping – Spring 2011

You have to prepare for following 3 scenarios. Students usually arrive anywhere between 1 to 7 days before orientation for Spring semesters. Due to the time limit and university deadlines, I-20 gets mailed out in month of December. Then students have to attend F1 Visa interview, packing and then travel to USA.

Best Case

  • Plan to be at university for International Student Orientation.
  • Find out when is last (if there are few) International Student Orientation
  • Plan for Visa dates, time to pack and travel. So, you can reach there before orientation.

Second Best Case

  • Check if they will allow to register for classes without attending orientation (most likely not)
  • Last date that you can arrive at campus.

Worst Case

If you cannot get visa stamped and reach university before orientation and if university doesn’t allow students to register for classes without attending orientation, this case applies.

  • Defer admission for Summer 2011 (or Fall 2011)
  • Get New I-20
  • Travel for next semester.

Don’t forget to read F1 Visa Stamping Experiences. University will try to accommodate late arrivals, but some schools have strict cut-off dates. Its better you talk with the school and plan for all 3 cases.


  1. Hi this is Vinod kumar, I attended the VISA interview on 1st dec. The interview went very well with the VO. Just being confident can get u the VISA. I was also bit nerveour when i went to the interview… But when I was interviewed by the VO I felt lot of comfertable with the VO., just he asked me the simple questions about my edu, work experience, financial status of the family, he even did not asked me to show the documents. But being confident can really get u the VISA. This is my experience with the VO… All the best fr u guys. If u have any questions please let me know, so that I can share my experience with u guys… My email id [email protected]

    1. Hey vinod.

      Which university are you going to? Which program?

      Do you agree that visa also depends on university/program?

      Please reply

      1. Aishwarya, I am also in the same situation have attended for visa interview and to which univ did u apply?

  2. what if I have to attend for fall-2011. Please help me out with this. I wanna take up bachelors in aerospace engg. in fall-2011. When shall I start applying?

  3. I am also planning for spring-11 intake

    My college has orientation on 5-7th jan

    i have my visa interview on 15th dec.Is it late for me to go for visa interview

    cuz god forbid if m rejected i think i wont be able to make it to college in time with second attempt.

    What i m asking is does it affect ur visa approval chances for going to interview dis late

    THANK you

      1. Does not matter when u gonna sit for visa…either early or late…they dont ask anything about tat…Be confident in answering their questions..Moreover dont see any other documents till they ask you to show…all the best … after getting the visa..tell ur experience..it may help others..

    1. hello……

      Just pray to almighty GOD and go for the interview……

      Everything gonna be fine…..

    2. Thank God for this day!.
      I had my visa interview on the 3rd of December, it was a dream come true, I had prepared for it and I was given. I am going for spring 2011. The school resumes 3rd January 2011 and I am planning to make it. Your visa interview date is not too bad for school resumption. Just be confident and be ready to convince the visa interview officer that you have already prepare for your travel so you have nothing delaying you except the visa. Good luck and stay focued.

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