F1 Visa Approved in US Consulate Shenyang, China

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Following Student F1 Visa China interview Experience shared by Jesse

Fall 2011 – -Undergraduate
At the US Consulate Shenyang, China

After being refused twice, I got my F1 visa after 45seconds of interview!

F1 Visa  China US Consulate

VO: Where are you going in the US?
Me: Missouri

VO: Do want a green card
Me: No

VO: Why not? What changed your mind because you once applied for the dvlottery (Annual Diversity Migrant Visa Lottery)

Me: Being the first born of the family, I have responsibilities back home. Also, I want to get my undergraduate before thinking about anything else

VO: keeps typing something on the computer!
Me: Nervous as hell! praying while…..

VO: Ok, Your Visa is approved
Me: Thnx!

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  1. I am a Master holder in Biochemistry. Do I need to fill in secondary school in DS 160?

  2. i’m an undergraduate and i would like you to share much of bachelors us visa experiences with me.it could be posted on my yahoo mail.i would be grateful.

    1. @Richard, Can you share your profile? Did you get funding for your course? Did you apply to the Accra office?

  3. I was rejected a visa because the consular told me i wasn’t having strong ties with my country.Am planing to go there for the second time so what should i tell them if i go again or should i tell them different reason?

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