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F1 Visa Mock interview shared by a reader for Syracuse University.

Which university and degree?
I’m going to Syracuse University for pursuing MS in Computer Science

Why did you select this university?
After a thorough research on universities, i short listed 5 universities of which i found Syracuse the best option for reasons like-

  1. Course curriculum is very flexible.
  2. A lot of high quality research programs are sponsored, of which i can be a part of.
  3. 30% Tuition fee waiver will be more than helpful for me.

What is your fees in I-20 for first the year?
Fees on I20 is USD 33500, After 30% tuition fee waiver.

How many universities did you apply and list them
I applied to 5 universities:

  1. Syracuse University
  2. University of Southern California
  3. University of Illinois at Springfield
  4. Oklahoma State University, Still water
  5. California State University, Long Beach

of these i got acceptance from 1, 4 and 5

Who is going to sponsor your education and how?
My dad and Mom are sponsoring my education. I have a loan of 15 Lac.  Plus we have few Fixed Deposits and savings.

What will you do after graduation?
I will try to get a good work experience and international exposure during my OPT period and then return back to India and try to get a good position in some research organization.

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