F1 Visa Approved for MS in Pharmaceutical Management

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First of all I’m very thankful to Happy schools blog which fills lot of confident in candidates who attend their F1 visa interview.

Now i would like to share my experience before that have a glance at my profile.

  • UG;B.pharmacy.
  • Percentage;74.44%
  • Backlogs;Nill
  • GRE;287
  • Toefl;85.

My visa interview went like this

Vo: Good morning

me: Very good morning madam
Vo:  pass your documents
me: passed the documents

Vo: looked into my i-20 and asked me are you going to MBA
me: yes madam especially with the specialization in pharmacy i.e.,pharmaceutical management.

Vo: what is your final year %
me: it is 73% madam.

Vo: what is your aggregate?
me:  it is 74.44% madam

Vo: Any backlogs?
me: No madam

Vo: show me your individual marks sheets
me; given

Vo:  stared into the documents and asked who is sponsoring your study?
me: my father

Vo: what is he doing?
me: he is doing business

Vo: what is the nature of your father’s business?
me:  he owns seeds& fertilizers shop

Vo: what will you do after MS?
me: I’m sure that the recent growth in indian economy will open many avenues for me to start a new company.After acquinting the Ms degree from a us university i will look forward to start my own company.

Vo: seriously started typing in her system finally after 1 minute that golden words”your visa has been approved” came from her lips.

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