F1 Visa – PhD in Biomedical Sciences – 221g Administrative Processing

Raghuram Sukumar F1 Visa Interview Experiences 18 Comments

I gave my visa interview for my PhD in biomedical sciences university of Oklahoma.

  • GRE:1330
  • TOEFl: 102
  • Funding: Full tuition waiver + stipend + health insurance
  • Appd uni’s: 4 admits, 4 rejects
  • Result: I got 221g admin processing.
  • Date: 16th may, delhi embassy

Here it goes.

Me: hello sir, how are you doing today?
VO: namastey, kaise hai app?? (iieeellaaa……..this was a sort of googly, actually he was taking an interview in hindi before me. Some punjabi family was there with whom he took around 15-20 mins and finally rejected their visa)
Me: Namastey, I am fine, thank you.

VO: tell me your complete name? (reminds me of a movie trailer “kevi rite jais” a Gujarati film)
Me: bla bla

VO: Why US? (looking at the computer)
Me: for doing…

VO: achha vo chhodo…Why uni of oklahoma? (still looking at the computer)
Me: I came to know about the program through Dr XX XX at OMRF. OMRF is collaborated with the lab in which I pursued my dissertation work. I met him…..(stopped me)
VO: ok Mr patel please go to counter 30, we need some additional information.
Me: Thank you.

This was so quick that i didn’t even realized when it got over. I was numb as i thought i was denied for visa. When i reached counter 30, i realized that i was given 221g admin processing. I stood at the VI counter not more than 15 seconds. W/o any pause, no documents asked.


  1. Hey maulin…..how much percentage did u get? ….can u please tell me the gpa equivalent of 69 percent…..any answer will be deeply appericiated.

  2. Sir

    I’m final year mechanical engineering student in NIT Nagpur. As a part of my final year project we are designing a prosthetic leg for a disabled person from Nagpur only. As we don’t have any idea about Bio-medical fields, can you help us how we should we proceed. Currently we are stuck on MIMICS software. We want that for further analysis but can’t find it on internet.

    Any information from you will be greatly helpful.

    Thanking you.

  3. hello my dear friend : i need a degree and transcript in doctor of medicine . bachelor of biology + MCAT + USMLE = doctor of medicine in iran . can you help me ? thank you very much .
    The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) assesses a physician’s ability to apply knowledge, concepts, and principles, and to demonstrate fundamental patient-centered skills, that are important in health and disease.

    Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) – Applying – Students
    The Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®) is a standardized, multiple-choice examination designed to assess the examinee’s problem solving, critical thinking, writing skills, and knowledge of scien

  4. Hi…all , so anyone help me..??
    Is their any need for showing money in our account or readily available liquid money for VISA processing, if Assistantship for Ph.D is offered..?Actually i got half-time assistantship is offered from PSU, Pennsylvania in Ph.D in Electrical Engineering for Fall 2012, I have take a appointment for VISA interview..
    Is it require to show the balances in our account, do VO checks the fund of us..?

    Please guide…

    1. prepare the financial documents to show that you are capable of paying the 1 st year expense. I had full tuition waiver and stipend still I showed sufficient funds. Though no body is gone ask you for your financial documents during VI specially when you are funded by the university, but it is always good to be on safe side. Moreover, it would be an additional proof that you are not going there for money and you would come back as you have enough property over here to handle.

    2. Hi Shailesh,

      how did your interview go?
      I have mine scheduled this friday (22nd june)….actually mine is a similar case to urs…i hv been admitted for Ph.D in mechancial engg for Fall’12.
      drop me a mail at the address mentioned…also can you give me ur contact no?

  5. could you tell me how did u go abt approaching the professor for the phd course? also is d phd application on a rolling basis at the OUHSC? i have a btech in biotech degree gre 311 n toefl 119 , i hav a brief research experience and m working in d industry.

    1. Hi anjali, i had many connections at OUHSC. It is collabrated with RGCB which is place were I worked and had met many of the investigators personally, so i didnt followed the usual protocol. Though for approaching professors, there are many tips/suggestions/formats available on this blog as well as on edulix you can refer them. At OUHSC, you have GPiBS program for PhD for which admissions take place in fall only. I think its not rolling basis, however it may vary as per the department you wanne join. Let me know if you want any other information. Best wishes.

  6. Hi,

    Can you tell me grad, 10th and 12th percentage?
    Did you complete some kind of post graduation in India?

    1. Hi pratibha,

      No 1 is gone ask you for your 10th & 12th percentage for your PhD. All you need is your undergrad & graduation (MSc) marksheets. There are lot many rumours, I did all stuff by myself and have learned from many mistakes.
      I did my MSc Biotechnology in India. Was an average student as far as academics were concerned but had a very strong CV as far as research stuff was concerned. Best Wishes.

  7. Hi,

    Could tell me your grad, 10th, 12th percentage?
    Did you complete some post grad in India?
    (Just wanted to the rough profile required for PhD)

  8. All the best for your Visa, Patel.
    Can you tell me about your credentials in BS and MS ?

    1. Hi om,

      Thank you. I had GPA of 3.96/4 as per WES evaluation which is the gist of 5 & 1/2 years of integrated biotech course (MSc).

    1. If possible please give me your contact details or write me on my mail id.

  9. hi… can u suggest me about the job opportunities in US and INDIA after completing MS in Biomedical sciences and engineering in US….

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