F1 Visa Rejected – 11 Backlogs

Another F1 Visa Stamping Experience – Rejected for Spring 2011 semester.

  • Decision : Rejected
  • Consulate:Hyderabad
  • Date: 27th December
  • University heading to : Cleveland State University
  • Program: MS in Computer & Information Science
  • Cost on I-20: $28416 for 9 months out of 12.
  • Funded/Unfunded/Partially funded (details): NO FUNDING
  • Financial Summary : personal savings + parents savings
  • Work Experience : NIL

The interview went, and  lasted for about half minutes.


ME: Good morning sir
VO: no reply

VO: Why USA?
ME: USA Has very flexible education, i will have freedom… (STOP)

ME: 11 Sir, Actually I have involved in Social responsibilities, sports, and i was unable.. (INTERUPTED ME)
VO: Do you have any girl friends to feel responsible for?
ME: No sir, None.

VO: Sorry sir, you are not qualified…

I was scared actually.. my words went wrong, what i want to say is totally distracted.. i said some thing like Social responsibility. then the vo caught me.. and asked what responsibility ? do u have any girl friend to feel responsible for?
Really, i was scared about the people in the row, who were rejected in a line, and the one before me had 13 backlogs and 3 years of work experience, and he got accepted.

Really, i forgot these


Please comment..

F1 Visa Rejection

There is nothing much to comment. You have already listed your mistakes and try to avoid such mistakes during US Visa interview.

If you don’t practice, you are going to make such mistakes.

Can you  walk straight into exam hall without preparation and score top marks?

Same applies to US visa interview, you have to practice answering the questions in front of the mirror or have someone ask the questions.

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  1. Shwetha on March 23, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    Hi Swetha here ,Good Morning , I had applied for 3 universities , The National University , and the Coleman 's University , I had being Visa for the frist time in the Month of March 2011 in 11/03/2011 , I had my Time at 8 am in the morning chennai, I carried with all my documents , I had being to VO , she asked me few questions, After a few minutes she ask me my tofel , AS to be honest my tofel score was low as it was 53 , I said here that My tofel score was low , I know i could have worked hard , she asked me why was it low,I said , I know its low, I was not keeping well , then later she gave me 221(g)and she said sorry ur visa is not being processd ,you have have bad command over english and she rejected and said you can try next time hope the next visa counsellor might grant u the visa,And the second time I applied that was yesterday, It was a Indian VO , he just asked me what do you know about US , I answered him as well , and the same question asked why was ur tofel score low , and it was rejected again , Can you me plz suggest me what needs to be done should i rewrite the tofel or wld be the better suggestion ,Plzzzzzz help meee

    • Sooriya on April 14, 2011 at 9:37 AM

      Ur TOEFL score is low… < 60 its not at all good to get Visa as far as Concern with.. Y dont u take ur TOEFL test again…? If u have a week rigorous preparation.. definitely u can manage with a good score…. (70 + at least)

    • Vignesh on April 14, 2011 at 8:44 PM

      Give me your email and I will coach you for US Visa Interview.

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